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  1. Amazing brunch on Sunday at Horne and Dekker…the staff was friendly and attentive as usual and the bottomless adult beverages were tasty and free flowing. I had the Steak and Eggs with biscuit and gravy – yum. But I was eyeing my boyfriend’s ‘Reggie’ – Short Ribs, Eggs, and Gouda Grits. Double Yum.
    Lunch at Naga Thai Kitchen in Victory Park Wednesday. They have a $10 buffet at lunch. I’m not normally a Thai or Buffet Person…however, the food was fresh and tasty with a variety of protien and veggie choices. The staff was friendly and I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Afrah’s sumptuous and delicious lunch buffet yesterday. Best Middle Eastern restaurant and pastry’s in Dallas!
    Seven of us sat outside on their patio enjoying falafel, great service, and beautiful weather.

  3. I went by Burger Girl on McKinney Ave last night and it was closed. Any word on whether it is permanent?

  4. Lover’s Egg Roll in Uptown. I ordered combination spicy flat noodles, hot and sour soup and an egg roll. I know, a lot of food, but since I hadn’t tried Lover’s since they were off of Lover’s, thought I better make sure at least one item was edible. That should have been the case. I’ll start with the eggroll, still frozen in the middle, enough said. The hot and sour soup was VERY sour and VERY salty with a really horrific grease film on top. The spicy combination flat noodles were spicy, from the bite I could manage to take without gagging. It looked as though the garbage from someone’s dirty table was dumped into a pan of flat noodles and stir fried. Really bad. Glad the whole order only cost $11.10, that’s about the most money I can handle throwing away.

  5. @Eagles. I can’t understand how that place stays in business. It’s a horrible excuse for Asian (Chinese) food.
    I went once 10 years ago and never went back.

  6. Dinner at Marquee Grill and had the salted butter ice cream, avocado ice cream, and sweet corn ice cream. Fifty percent of the two people eating it hated it. But that Scarf Dancer drink is pretty, pretty good.

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  8. Brunch at Mykonos this weekend. A little place in the Plano/Frisco area off 121. My favorite was the live music,a guy with a guitar singing Simon and Garfunkel and Sunday brunch music, and bottomless mimosa’s complimented with a filing omelet and oh more mimosa’s.