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Burger Girl in Uptown is Closed

A commenter in another post pointed out he showed up to eat at Burger Girl and found it closed. I understand the once building that once housed Chez Gerard and Cubanita has already been leased by another restaurant group and will be making an announcement on a new concept early next week. Until the, we’ll wait. Unless you want to guess.

  • MCC

    Any report on if they shut down the one in Frisco too? We were up in that area last Friday evening. There was an FC Dallas game that night and Burger Girl didn’t look too busy…

  • BE

    I think Mico is taking over!

  • Dallas Banker

    Great spot when it first opened. Food quality began to slide and removing their awning really hurt the business. The sun beats down on the east side of McKinney.

  • Twinwillow

    It was nothing but a “sophisticated” Hooter’s wannabe with meh burgers.

  • Hpmom2

    Mico is doing something there.

  • Nancy Nichols

    There are no deals finalized for that space.

  • PF

    Maybe CHIPS can open a successful old-fashioned burger joint on McKinney Ave –

  • Surfer Vato

    Dudes I used facewasted like totally on the reg. at Burger Girl. I will miss their $2 Sam Adams Oktoberfest beers. RIP Burger Girls. This is not tubular at all.

  • Danny La Russo

    Man that place was the shiznit! I used to go drink beers after karate practice. They had $1 Bud Select. I would get crazy hammered then fight people in the parking lot on my way home after I had over a gallon of beer in me. I saw that Mico (the owner of Mecocina) is taking over that spot. He better have cheap beer specials or I am going to do the Crane to his dome piece.



    MICO 12

    AND 12 TABLES…


  • Dallas Diner

    Drove by yesterday, and the banner outside read “mexican+american.” Not sure sure if that was the name or just a description.

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