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Making Dallas Even Better

Al Biernat Shares 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Results and a Recipe

I just spoke with Al Biernat and asked him how his restaurant “performed” during restaurant week. He was happy to report he is writing a check today for $30,579 and sending it off to the charities supported by KRLD Restaurant Week. [North Texas Food Bank and Lena Pope Home] “This was a record year for […]

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I Wish To No Longer Be Called “Beautiful Lady.” Is That Too Much To Ask?

Last night, after yet another painful waiter experience that started with, “Hello, beautiful lady,” and ended with “Would the lovely ladies like dessert?” I have decided that it’s time to say enough! Enough with the obsequiousness. Enough with the platitudes. Enough! Nancy called attention to the issue of false fawning in her recent review of […]

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