10 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Jonathon’s OC Wild Side Salad with steak. OMG! The best salad ever. Perfectly grilled ribeye steak on top of greens with roasted mushrooms, pickled onions, asparagus, feta cheese. SO good.

  2. Really nice dinner at Dish. Somehow we got on the subject of cauliflower with our waiter (we like cauliflower) and the kitchen surprised us with a wonderful side of creamy baked cauliflower. It’s not on the menu and I don’t know who just keeps a head of cauliflower around, just in case. So, pleasant and appreciated surprise there.

    Also, get the blood orange side car.

  3. Went this week twice to Preston Forest Square to visit both Dough and Meso Maya.

    Mess Maya was very busy and very loud, the bar is situated a bit clumsily amongst all the dining. I enjoyed the pulled pork dish, very tender and the habanero sauce served with the dish had just the right amount of bite to it. The corn tortillas served along side were fresh and warm. Wife had the shrimp budin Azteca, and it was interesting. Great tomatilla sauce, but for me a bit too much tortilla in the middle.

    Dough was also busy on Wednesday night. The check in was a bit clumsy, they hand you a card with the number and ask you to wait. OK, but then someone comes up to us and tells us they have a waiting area in the back behind the bar. So we mosey on back, stand for about 10 minutes, and notice that customers who came in right behind us were being seated. We go to the front and ask what’s going on, and find that they really have no way to follow the hand held #s they gave us. Maybe they should hand us a hat to wear the #card in so they can see it…but the pizza was very good, the salad was OK, the service was great once we sat. Not better than Cane Rosso or even Fireside, but it is closer so we’ll likely return.

  4. Wonderful lunch at Parigi, and I do agree it is the consistently BEST restaurant in Dallas. Service is always top notch and outside of their regular menu they always have a varied mix of specials. Appreciate their attention to quality, quantity and flavor.

  5. Mesa was once again perfect. I finally had the horchata cocktail. Wow. I had to stop myself after two. The ceviche, the snapper, the mole and the seafood soup: everything we had was perfect and the staff could not have been more gracious. What a gem.

  6. Went to Il Cane Rosso for the first time. Liked the vibe of the place. Mista and Burrata salads were good. Regina Margherita pizza had a very soggy crust, mushroom pizza was better but still not crisp and the Prosciutto and Arugula pizza had so much garlic (to a fault) that we couldn’t taste the Prosciutto or Arugula. Server was good but pizza was disappointing.

  7. First time at Babes Chicken Dinner (for lunch). Salad of iceberg lettuce only with sweet white vinegar & oil dressing (the best of the ‘sides’), entree chicken tenders (others at table had fried chicken, pot roast, cat fish). Sides for the table – biscuits, gravy, green beans cooked for days, corn, mashed potatoes. It’s an experience, go for the fun, not really the food. Fast, friendly, efficient service. I prefer Bubba’s menu & food choices over Babe’s.

  8. Rex’s Seafood for lunch. Blackened salmon tacos were fantastic! Hopped across the street to Tart for dessert. Can’t recommend the cherry pie (doughy, flimsy, gooey crust); will order a cupcake next time.

  9. Zanata in Plano this weekend. This was our 3rd time for a family of five.

    First, I want to say that the chef there is doing an incredible job. This space has always struggled and I believe this restaurant is thriving thanks to a veteran chef who knows his way around the kitchen. As a Plano native, I thank you.

    The specials, like redfish and a polenta cake, are fresh and really deliver. We also went to a wine dinner and the food far outshined the wine.

    The cocktails are inventive and upscale without being pretentious and snobby. Nice wine list and beer to boot.

    However- the staff is horrible. Waiters that complain how tired they are while we inhale their hangover breath, and waitresses who look like they haven’t bathed in days. A hostess who picks at her nails and looks bored leaning against the wall..They have no knowledge of the menu and in reality this is an insult to the cooks and chefs who sweat it out in the kitchen.

    If the owners are reading this, your waitstaff is bringing your restaurant down. We will be back because we can depend on consistant food, but otherwise, meh.

  10. Lover’s Egg Roll in Uptown. I ordered combination spicy flat noodles, hot and sour soup and an egg roll. I know, a lot of food, but since I hadn’t tried Lover’s since they were off of Lover’s, thought I better make sure at least one item was edible. That should have been the case. I’ll start with the eggroll, still frozen in the middle, enough said. The hot and sour soup was VERY sour and VERY salty with a really horrific grease film on top. The spicy combination flat noodles were spicy, from the bite I could manage to take without gagging. It looked as though the garbage from someone’s dirty table was dumped into a pan of flat noodles and stir fried. Really bad. Glad the whole order only cost $11.10, that’s about the most money I can handle throwing away.