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Making Dallas Even Better

Somebody Chime In With Gin…or Vodka…or Rum Recipes

This just in from a very creative disher. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet: I liked your post about Labor Day-themed cocktails yesterday and was wondering if anyone had ideas. I have come up with some names, but feel at a loss when it comes to actually concocting an interesting drink. Anyone want to come […]

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Dog Friendly Patios in Dallas: Fun or Foul

Despite the heat, I’m seeing an uptick in the number of restaurants advertising their dog friendly patios. In mid-2008 the City of Dallas amended their ordinance allowing dogs on restaurant patios under certain conditions, such as no outside food prep, entering only through an outdoor entrance, leashed only, and not allowed to sit on tables, […]

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Strange Brew at Bailey’s Prime Plus: Scholium Project Wine and Grant Morgan is Corporate Execuchef

When Abe Schoener was a Professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy at St. John’s College he may have spent many hours contemplating Plato’s views on belief and knowledge. Or wondering how Socrates managed to play 157 times for the Brazilian national soccer team. Now he spends more time occupied with Archimedes theory of displacement as he […]

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Chef Nick Stellino Pairs With Kent Rathbun for Weekend Workshops

Contributor Brooklynne Peters wrangled this intel on chef Nick Stellino’s upcoming Dallas visit : Next weekend, chefs Nick Stellino (Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends) and Kent Rathbun (Abacus) are pairing up to present the Dallas community with a weekend of culinary exhibition and education. Stellino, a well-known TV host and cookbook author who refers to […]

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Texas State Fair Food: Fun or Foul?

I was talking with a friend of mine who loves the fried food madness of the Texas State Fair. Obviously many other people share her passion for fried strawberry waffles, fried margaritas, fried butter, and fried bubblegum. The recent “winners” for this year’s State Fair were announced Wednesday and the local blogs comment boxes have […]

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