Somebody Help This (Lazy) Boy: Dinner With Wives in Dallas

I’m not going to tell you this guy’s name because he really can’t think for himself and he uses me as his personal concierge, kinda like how I treat you. Anywhoo, Todd is back with a question:

I’m back for another recommendation.  You’ve never steered me wrong.  I’ve got a good friend/business colleague in town Friday night and we’re going to dinner with our wives. This is purely pleasure – no business – but I want to take them somewhere good. Here are the catches:  1.  I just found out he’s coming to town this afternoon and several restaurants are booked. 2.  I’d like to take him someplace that’s very good but not “obvious,” because he’s in town for business and has eaten at the usual suspects (Fearings, Mansion, Charlie Palmer).

19 comments on “Somebody Help This (Lazy) Boy: Dinner With Wives in Dallas

  1. Alms. Al Biernat’s. Hibiscus.

    While it is old school and perhaps booked- we had a wonderful dinner with out of town friends at Cafe Pacific last week. Service and food were top notch.

  2. Nonna, very good and not obvious. Its my go to for out of towners because its not what they expect when I tell them that we’re going to an italian restaurant.

  3. Zanata- Plano/Upscale slightly casual, great drinks. Cool area to walk around.
    Suze- Nice anbiance- cool people watching

  4. Trece. Mercury Grill if you’re way the hell up in northern Preston Hollow. Craft if you want all the trappings, but I understand their food has slipped. Cafe San Miguel if you want more casual ambiance, but parking’s a bitch now. Sevy’s is a solid standby — not much curb appeal but damn solid and nice inside. Ditto for Suze. There’s Cafe Pacific. The Grape. Hell, Javier’s — it’s quintessentially Dallas and perpetually 1979, in an agreeable way. Most places that have been around awhile and aren’t totally $$$$$, you won’t need reservations really. Most newer places that have received good notice, you will. Is Abacus still there? Nineties swank non pareil, my brother.

    The Cherry Pit is, alas, no more.

  5. Cafe Pacific was mentioned above; you can never go wrong there.

    Or here’s a thought – Ask the wives where they’d like to go?

  6. Ask the wives…groundbreaking! I would say Hattie’s. There’s something for everyone in an elegant, but not stuffy, setting. @Two Hot Potatoes…Lucia? Fuhgeddaboutit! Minimum two month wait.