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Making Dallas Even Better

JonfromTJs Visits Total Catch Market in Houston

Jon Alexis, know on every blog in the United States of America as jonfromtjs, handles the marketing for TJ’s Seafood Market, the successful fish market in Preston Forest. He is a conscientious student of seafood. Recently he learned about Total Catch Market, a project (and blog) run by PJ Stoops and Billy Tellez of Louisiana […]

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Studs Terkel Was My Homeboy—Or What’s On the Menu For Your Labor Day Cookout?

After staring into my fridge for the umpteenth time this week and exclaiming out loud to anyone within earshot, “Who lives here, and why don’t they buy any food??” I’ve realized that it’s time to actually go to the grocery store. And with the long Labor Day weekend ahead of us (I vaguely remember offering […]

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The Cedars Social Hosts Battle of French 75

WTF is a Battle of French 75 you ask? Good question. Hark, here’s a press release to answer the burning question. The Cedars Social is competing in a hand selected state-wide cocktail competition to see which cocktail bar can sell the most French 75’s, using either Citadelle Gin or Pierre Ferrand Cognac.  Created in 1915 […]

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The Search for the Manliest Restaurant in America Begins in Dallas

Men’s Health, the magazine I refer to as Abs! Abs!Abs! just launched a “Manliest Restaurant in America” contest. There are 45 restaurants on the list and two of them are from Dallas. Read all about it: Maple & Motors and Bob’s Steakhouse are included among our 45 nominated restaurants in nine regions across the country. […]

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