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Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Blythe Beck Resigns From Central 214

Awaiting official confirmation, but my inside source says The Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck, is leaving Central 214 to do some sort of naughty themed bus tour. UPITTY DATE: Beck is still in the kitchen until the end of September. UPITTY UPDATE: ” Wow! You work fast lady!! Yes I have resigned from Central 214,” Beck […]

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Cooking Channel’s Frozen Treat Truck Handing Out Free Kaurina’s Kulfi at Dallas Farmers’ Market on Sept. 11

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tasted kulfi, the ice cream of the Indian subcontinent made with only pure cooked milk, cane sugar, and natural flavors. It’s decadent; it’s intense; it’s lower in calories, sugar, and fat than similar ice creams.  Sold yet? If you’re still unsure, swing by the Dallas Farmers Market between 10:30 […]

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Lab-Grown Meat? Less Sci-Fi and Far More Relevant to the Texas Economy Than You Might Imagine

I listen to a lot of public radio. A couple months ago, my home girl Terri Gross broadcast an interview on Fresh Air that focused on the logistical and ethical questions at play regarding growing meat from stem cells in a laboratory setting. Before you jump to conclusions about real vs. lab-created meat, science writer […]

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