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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Yakamein in Dallas

A No Reservations-watching Disher sends this request

Last night’s  No Reservations got me craving some Yakkamein, do you know anywhere in Dallas that serves it?

This Cantonese-Creole beef-base soup is supposed to be the ultimate hangover cure. Anybody?

2 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Yakamein in Dallas

  1. I know no place that sells yakkamein in Dallas, but I’ll be watching this blog closely, because I LOVE YAKKAMEIN! The person who asked this question must be my soulmate. I do know a couple of good places to get it in NOLA, though.

  2. Go for Korean Haejangguk, instead. Youchun (on Royal) has beef and fish versions, and you could probably find it at one of the Korean restaurants near HMart in Carrollton, too.