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Making Dallas Even Better

Fasten Your Seatbelts; Brownstone Exec Chef Casey Thompson Has Teamed Up with Sam’s Club

In the most out-of-left-field news of the morning, it seems that Top Chef contender, former Shinsei execu-chef, and current execu-chef at Brownstone,  Casey Thomspon (Brownstone), has actually joined forces with Sam’s Club to (as the press release says) “provide restaurant-quality, simply delicious mealtime solutions.” I could rewrite the release for you here, but it reads […]

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Stormont Williams Fish Processing in Pictures

OK, it’s no secret that we’re really impressed with Joe Martin and Johnny Koons,  the two Highland Park buddies who moved from Dallas to Alaska to found Stormont Williams Fish Co. We were so impressed with their story, in fact, that we devoted several magazine pages to them this month. Today on Facebook, the duo […]

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Week Two: 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Server of the Week is Connie Frances Forbin of The French Room

Thanks to all who took the time to recognize their server this week during KRLD Restaurant Week. This week I’m happy to see Connie Frances Forbin rise to the top. No surprise, Connie has been at The French Room for at least 20 years. She is charming, warm, and professional. Connie received several votes but […]

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Lightcatcher Winery in Fort Worth Hosts I Love Lucy Grape Stomping Party

Our gal on the street, Julissa Treviño, attended Lightcatcher Winery’s Lucy Dance grape crushing party over the weekends. Behold her report: Crowds of people—most of them in peasant skirts, peasant tops, and bandanas—lined up outside LightCatcher Winery in Fort Worth on Saturday at noon, waiting for their turn to participate in what the winery calls […]

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Update on Trader Joe’s in Dallas

Leave it to Teresa “Gumshoe” Gubbins to find a snitch in Trader Joe’s camp. Since the grocery chain announced they were planning locations in Dallas last May, they have been quite secretive about their locations. According to TG, you can rule out the former location on Greenville Ave. Her Deep Throat coughs up three possible […]

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Special Report: The Dallas Chocolate Conference 2011

I once had a dream wherein I visited a magical building, and in that building, lovely people danced around throwing handcrafted chocolates, magical brownies, and toffees in my mouth from all directions.   I pranced around this magical building for hours, humming Simon and Garfunkel tunes, hugging everyone in sight, and smearing my entire body in […]

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