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23 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Ketchup Burger Bar…yuck! Had the chicken sandwich; it was supposed to be a chicken breast with pepperjack, pickled jalepenos, avocado, lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun. It was a tiny, hockey puck sized piece of chicken on a HUGE brioche bun that had NO flavor or texture, a piece of unmelted cheese, one slice of tomato and about three jalepenos. No one else enjoyed anything they ordered either.

  2. Ate at the Tin Star at Coit & the GWB in Plano last Sunday. We’ve been there dozens of times over the last few years, often on Sunday since kids eat free on Sunday nights.

    Our visit caused me to wonder if Tin Star is circling the drain. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but the obvious belt-tightening and changes-for-the-sake-of-changes have an ominous feel to them.

    They’ve put up new gluten-free and “healthy choices” menus, but not by changing their existing signage (which looks high-dollar), but by putting up tacky laser-printed additional menus. But I get that you would want to try out new menu concepts without spending big bucks — but it looked cheap and sloppy. I tried one of the new menu choices and it was underwhelming — if you advertise chimichurri sauce on a taco, it should come with chimichurri sauce, and not just a light drizzle for show.

    They seem to not be using branded cups for the kids meals anymore, but just plain short styrofoam. The napkins aren’t branded anymore either.

    Maybe it’s just belt-tightening in less-obvious ways. But it really feels like they are not long for this world. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. @Wes – Or they are trying to keep non-food costs down in an effort to keep prices low, staying competitive with the new taco places that may be cutting in on their business. Those branded items can really add up.

  4. Shrimp Budin Azteca and Chicken Tacos at Meso Maya. Both were very good (and pretty reasonably prices at $13 and $11, respectively), as was the services. Two minor complaints: portion sizes were small, and habanero salsa that came with the tacos was inedibly spicy (their standard salsa is not spicy at all, however).

  5. Pho Colonial downtown multiple times. Love the beef tenderloin pho. I could eat myself sick. Scratch that, I have eaten myself sick. Three suggestions for improvement, though. 1. What is up with the paltry garnishments for the pho? Earlier this week, I got *a* slice of jalapeno. 2. In the dining room, there are rows of two-tops that are so close together, you are essentially forced to eat dinner with your neighbors. Remove one two-top from each row and give people a little more space. 3. The plastic chopsticks are unwieldy. Replace them with the cheap wood kind that are easier to manipulate.

  6. Farina’s in Grapevine on Tuesday. Pizza with artichokes, kalamata olives and mushrooms – YUM. Pizzas are half price during happy hour (till 6:30) and wine is $5 down from $9 which is a really nice discount.

  7. Mollejas salteados con salsa agridulce served with Ramillete de esparragos trigueras con jamón iberico. At Duhau, Buenos Aires. Not Dallas Restaurant Week, right?

  8. Really good brunch at RedFork last Saturday. Chef Ryan is doing a great job and I will be back tomorrow. Have not yet been for dinner where he really shines I am told.

  9. Pho is for Lovers this past week, delicious and they have real bowls and plates now.. the food even looks more amazing if thats possible. They added a seafood and vegetarian pho.

  10. Had the Gooey Buns at Le Peep in Las Colinas this morning. The last meal my mom and I ever had (long time ago) was at Le Peep. The gooey buns floored her so much she almost cried, so I like to get them every now and then to remember her. Good lord, they’re good!! Sad that we’re down to one Le Peep.

  11. Wednesday night at Nick & Sam’s for restaurant week.
    Best $35.00 (plus wine) I ever spent in a restaurant.
    There were 12 of us and they treated us like royalty.

  12. @Eagles. We went to The Ketchup Burger Bar a few weeks ago. Like you, never again!

  13. Sorry, I just read the paragraph under the top heading that this weeks comments were meant only for non restaurant week dinners.
    My apologies. If I could delete my comment, I would.

  14. Hmmm…can i throw in something for loco cafe in denton…the avocado breakfast tacos are really, really good.

  15. Thank you twinwillow…based on your other posts I know your opinion can be trusted! Nothing like a little affirmation!

  16. Afrah in Richardson for lunch today. We shared an Afrah sampler for two and a fatoush salad. I don’t know of any other Middle Eastern restaurant in Dallas that serves better food than Afrah! Their hummus, kibbe, and falafal is incomparable. The accompanying yogurt sauces were perfect foils for the fried kibbe and falafel.
    For dessert we enjoyed Arabic coffee flavored with Cardamon and a few pistachio cookies.

  17. Twin, I will tell you a better place than Afrah. That is Foods from Galilee in Snider Plaza. Otherwise, come to my house!!!

  18. @EB. We discussed “Foods From Galilee” during lunch today and decided to try it sometime, soon. Thanks for the tip.

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