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First-Take Review: Meso Maya Rocks Preston Forest With Regional Mexican Moxie

What to expect: Meso Maya, the self-labeled “simple modern Mexican food” restaurant that opened in Preston Forest Shopping Center last week has success writ large from the kitchen to the curb. First, chef Nico Sanchez (The Porch, Hibiscus), whom owner Mike Karns (president of El Fenix) lured away from the Consilient Restaurant Group, is heading […]

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Former Dallas Observer Dining Critic Hanna Raskin is Off Her Rocker

Earlier this morning, I received a link to a Seattle Weekly blog post written by former Dallas Observer “critic” Hanna “Sudafed” Raskin  and planned to write a rebuttal. Eater “Up at Dawn” Dallas beat me to the punch. However, I would like to throw a few more. Her post– “Professional Food Critics Not Needed in […]

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Stuff the Catering Van and Get a Free Appetizer at Desperados’ “Say Adios to Hunger” Food Drive

Wondering what’s going on with the Desperados’ Greenville Avenue renovation? Looks like we’ll see some action there in the coming week.  In the meantime, let’s talk about the fact that September 1 marks Desperados’ 35th anniversary. In honor of the date, Desperados will launch their  Say Adios To Hunger campaign with the North Texas Food […]

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Chef Blythe Beck Announces New Fall Cooking Classes at Central 214

Even thought it’ll probably be hot until Halloween, that doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about the fall. What better way to spend an autumn afternoon than whipping up culinary treats with sassy-pants chef Blythe Beck of Central 214? Throughout the coming year, Chef Beck will be hosting groups of 25 for instruction and collaboration on […]

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Restaurant Review: Marquee Grill and Bar in Dallas

A champagne-colored Lexus SUV filled with four well-coifed, middle-aged women pulls up to the valet stand. Attendants surround the car and, with a flourish, simultaneously fling open all four doors. Expensive perfume scents the hot summer breeze. One woman stoops to adjust her strappy Jimmy Choos while another rearranges the belt over her Prada sundress. […]

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Tesar Teaser: The Most Hated Chef in Dallas to Throw Hater’s Party

Okay Haters, don’t blame me. I’m playing Phidippides in this decision-making process. The physical September issue of D Magazine will be in the mailboxes of subscribers today and on newsstands tomorrow. Most of the content is now online. Here is a link to a portion of  “The Most Hated Chef in Dallas” story about John […]

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