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What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes

‘Scuse me while I saddle up my high horse. Am I the only woman who is concerned about the sudden surge in Breastaurants. I mean really 35 additional Twin Peaks? A bar opening in downtown called The Spread Eagle? Seriously boys? How would you like to take your daughter into one of the restaurant’s the gals in our office just conceptualized. We call them Peteries.

Hunky Town, Twin Pricks, Tooter’s, Pecker’s Hot Italian Sausage, Tube Steak Junction, Cake Balls to the Walls, Nuts and Butts, Quickies, Long Dong Silver, Tally Whacker’s, Love Mussels, Wee Willie’s, Twig and Berries.

Ladies, the floor is open.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Daniel, Peterie is the category like Breastaurants. And your a boy so you can tell me breasts aren’t the analog of a penis. Our premise (am I really typing this) was to name restaurants after boy’s parts. And no I don’t think men would go to a Twin Pricks because this is all a made up scenario and a fun way to waste time. If there was money to made in Peteries, it would be being made.

    Off topic: I hate the taco names. I can NOT bring myself to order a Dirty Sanchez at TOrcheys and EVEN I am embarrassed to see people order them for their kids.

  • Daniel

    Nancy, I got the premise. Sorry if I sounded hostile, I was just being goofy. Insofar as I had a point, it was that breasts are innocuous compared to the genitalia of either gender. Certainly they’re more sanitary.

    Which brings us to taco names: Totally with you. Sexual humor can be okay up to a point, but scatalogical humor? In a restaurant?

  • Nancy Nichols

    No Daniel. I got your goofiness guess you didn’t get mine! thanks for playing.