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Nosh Euro Bisto Expands to Add a Second Location in Plano

Well, it's a start.

About 18 months ago we were preparing for the demise of fine dining and the end of Avner Samuel’s reign in Dallas. But after Avner and his wife Celeste closed their opulent eatery Aurora, they rolled up their sleeves and started over. Again. They created Nosh Euro Bistro and filled a niche for Highland Park diners. It’s casual but not so casual that you can’t sample fine cuisine.

Obviously their concept is working. They are building  a second location  in Plano this fall. I hear the new location will be a little larger and have nice patio and bar areas. The full menu will be available in the bar and the kitchen will offer counter seating. Plus there will be an 18-foot communal table between the expo area and the bar. It sounds like Plano-people watching heaven. (Or hell.) The space at 4701 W. Park Blvd in Plano is already under construction and so far Avner is still speaking to the crew! Avner says he has “plans in the works for other concepts above and beyond NOSH,” but until then we’ll wait to see if they can pull this one off. Nice to see Avner hit a hot streak. Kudos to his kitchen staff and chef Jon Stevens for hanging in there.

8 comments on “Nosh Euro Bisto Expands to Add a Second Location in Plano

  1. Woah – 1/2 mile from my home. One of the original ZuZu’s used to be located in that same strip.

  2. I love…nay, ADORE Nosh Euro Bistro, and would like to give the City of Plano kudos for supporting such a fine establishment as this. If it is anything like the location at The Shops of Highland Park, the people watching will be just as divine and diverse as the incredible menu!!! If I ever attach my huskies to my sled, I’ll make sure to have them “Mush!” north to visit.

  3. This can’t be good news for the folks opening the Posh Nosh in downtown Plano on 15th street. Talk about name confusion, with both opening within months of each other!

  4. you sure about this address? this is the “other” side of Park; seems like a location closer to the Tollway and Willowbend would be better suited