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Making Dallas Even Better

Opera-Free Shopping at Eatzi’s For One Week

Eatzi’s has decided to change their music for a few weeks. My ears are so happy. I have nothing against opera music, but when those sopranos hit the high notes while I’m wait for a roasted chicken to get quartered, my cochleas recoil. The opera music will return next week.

  • joeat

    Thank you for this info. I swore i would never go back but will slip in this week while it is peaceful!

  • Foodie

    They should consider mixing in some classical music without constant opera. If they ever go hip-hop, or rap, I’m out.

  • JHS

    My vote – Smooth Jazz!!!
    I miss KOAI The Oasis
    (Yes I know it is still broadcasting on a DIGITAL sub-channel) My iPod/Walkman only handles analog

  • Kessler Porker

    I have never lived near there, so find it extremely refreshing to hear opera whenever I (rarely) shop there. So YES I like to hear opera in public places.

    Wonder if the new N.Oak Cliff, Davis St market will feature opera? At least once every hour would be good.

  • Twinwillow

    I favor the idea of “smooth jazz” as suggested by JHS.
    It’s almost like, it’s playing but, you don’t know it.