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13 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Lockhart Smokehouse burnt ends and hatch chile pizza followed by hatch chile gelato at Cane Rosso! Yummy.

  2. Seared tuna salad at Saint Anne’s on Wednesday, love the decor and drinks. Tei An for RW Thursday night, great service and loved the Wagyu short green soba noodles and white seaweed salad.

  3. My niece’s 16th birthday party at 560 by Wolfgang Puck. Service and food were great, especially for a party of 24 during restaurant week. Kudos to the staff!

  4. Nova: best BLT I have ever had (Sunday brunch menu)

    Hook Line & Sinker (Lemmon): Awesome cold, boiled shrimp. With cold beer. Perfect on a hot day.

    Second Floor: Mediocre pea soup and soggy “wilted” spinach salad with no taste.

  5. Cane Rosso (yes, again). Had the Zoli with the hot soppressata. Outstanding!

    Dough. Had the small Margherita lunch special. Good but, I prefer Cane Rosso’s crust and flavor. I guess I need to try their “Pork Love” for a more definitive review.

    First Chinese BBQ. Shrimp won-ton soup with Chinese vegetables, orange beef, shrimp Hong Kong style, Cheese shrimp, orange beef. All, sensational!

  6. Oh! And we stopped by Wild Salsa for some appetizers and happy hour. $4 house margaritas until 9:00 on Friday. We tried the barbacoa taquitos and ceviche guacamole. Delicious! The cucumber cocktail I had was great, too.

  7. Rex’s Seafood for dinner. Service and food were both superb. The ceviche, in particular, was delicious. Rex’s is on the pricey side, though, for what is basically a bunch of tables in a fish market. Smallest portion of calamari I’ve ever seen for $10.

  8. Lee Harvey’s for lunch today. Dark and cool inside. Bartender/waiter couldn’t have been nicer. Blue cheese burger with onion rings, best in town in my opinion. As is the aioli.

  9. Reference my above comment on FCBBQ. I mentioned orange beef twice. Sorry, we only had one. I meant to say BBQ roast pork lo mein.

  10. First time visit to Cadot and how underwhelmed were we?

    Have read here about how great it was and was very disappointed by a so-so meal in a strip shopping mall.

    OK so the interior is pretty good at disguising it’s rather pedestrian location. Attentive service when we arrived. However our very normal cocktails (Old Fashioned & Negroni) required some coaching vis a vis their name, content etc. Neither were up to snuff and served in tiny glasses.

    I ordered the Syrah by the glass and bloody awful it was too. Reminded me of manky gym lockers. Awful. Sent it back and changed over to beer. The wife’s Pinot Grigio was equally as rank but she’s more forgiving than I.

    Appetizer was Duck Confit wrap for me and water melon for the lovely one. Confit was a pleasant splat of canard melange rustled in a deep-fried egg-roll wrapper. Not bad. Not French but not bad. EG’s water-melon salad was a bit of a let down. Playing card sized rectangle of water melon covered in I know not. Mine was a 5/10 – hers a 3/10.

    By the way – it took almost an hour from sitting down to getting the appetizers.

    For entree I had the hanger steak avec pomme frites. i.e. skirt steak or onglet as the Frogs like it. It was good. Small but good. Shoestring potatoes were good but were, I’m sure. frozen. EG’s pasta with asparagus & truffle oil was good but much more like a carbonara. I could not taste a whiff of truffle oil and I am super sensitive to that pig fungus. Me I would give 6.5/10 EG 4/10

    We shared a Grand Marnier soufflé. I’m pretty sure the creamy syrup our waiter poured into the soufflé was sans the Grand Marnier. In fact the whole deal was pretty lite in the GM stakes. Basically it was just a very raw egg tasting fluffball with the slightest hint of a Gallic citrus. Very sad – Rise nº 1 is ten times better in the soufflé stakes.

    So overall – would not waste my money again in that part of the world.

  11. Nosh – Excellent goat cheese gnocchi. Service was aloof and even with three courses we were in and out in an hour. I would have liked to relax a bit more and even told the waitress so but she wanted that table to turn!

  12. Gonzalez Restaurant on W. Jefferson in Oak Cliff for lunch today. Chili Relleno stuffed with cheese. And, guacamole with salsa fresca.