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Making Dallas Even Better

Chef Matt Melton of Lawry’s, the Prime Rib Teaches Special Needs Kids at Market Street in McKinney

Dallas is lucky to have so many chefs who dedicate their time to charity events. We are also fortunate to have chefs like Lawry’s Matt Melton. He volunteers time to teach cooking to kids with special needs. Throughout the year, eight different groups bring special-needs students from local middle and high schools to take Melton’s […]

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Pho Real—Man V. Food Nation Does Dallas

Wednesday night, Travel Channel show Man V. Food Nation aired the episode they shot in  Dallas. Our ace reality TV food reporter, Harrison Smith, dutifully watched the show and turned his report on time. I, however, failed to post it in a timely manner. My apology to Harrison. Below he recaps the show and  incorporate […]

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Remembering the Man Behind the Restaurants: Marcello Rosen

Today on our RealPoints Commercial Real Estate blog, commercial real estate guru (and all-around spectacular human being and one of my favorite people to go out to dinner with) Bob Young, managing director of The Weitzman Group, offers a fond reminiscence of the late Marcello Rosen, the broker behind many of Dallas’ beloved restaurants. Bob […]

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Garreth Dickey is Chef du Cuisine at Dish in Dallas

When Park Restaurant closed last month, veteran chef Garreth Dickey found himself without a job. Starting Monday, he will start his  new gig as chef du cuisine at Dish. Dickey moved to Dallas to work for Stephan Pyles at Star Canyon. He also worked at the original Green Room, Jeroboam, The Porch, and Hibiscus before […]

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Julia Child Would Have Been 99 This Week. That Gets Me Thinking…

In the early 1970s, Julia Child, that awkward, unlikely figurehead from the front of the mid-century culinary ship, had me at bonjour. Like many of you, I spent many formative (pre-cable) hours following Julia on PBS, enchanted by her stilted speech, her soap-and-water directness, and her unapologetic rapture in the kitchen. Years later, in 1988, […]

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