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Should You Need To Escape The Screaming H&M Throngs At NorthPark…

Word on the street is that close to 1,000 people have lined up in the NorthPark halls for the opening of Dallas’ first H&M store (drawn, we’re guessing, by affordable poly-blends and the offer of gift cards to the first 500 people in line). A few minutes ago, H&M employees led the waiting throngs in an H&M scream-chant of some kind. We can only imagine how much Tiffany & Co., Neiman’s, and the like are loving this day.

Here’s our advice to them: beleaguered sales associates from adjoining stores (and probably H&M, too) need head out of the mall and directly to Urban Taco for their Thirsty Thursday all-day happy hour. That’s right: $5 house margaritas & mojitos and half-price draft beers. Live music starts at 7 pm, so you can dance off the stress this day has wrought. Commiserate over a cocktail or drown your sorrows at not having received one of those “first-500 customers” gift cards. Either way, you won’t break the bank.

2 comments on “Should You Need To Escape The Screaming H&M Throngs At NorthPark…

  1. Who waits in line knowing that there are already way more than 500 people ahead of them?

  2. Is this an ad for Urban Taco? If so, please refrain from using the term “Thirsty Thursdays” in future copy. It’s overused like “wait for it…,” which I still don’t understand.