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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Calzones in Dallas

This kinda sorta rude Disher sez:

Nancy, you all seem to write about Pizza, especially Jay Jerrier’s. Can you move your brain away from Cane Rosso and perhaps tell me about where to get a calzone?

I picked the wrong day to quit feeling chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep! (Warning, that song will attach to your brain forever.) And dude, you don’t need to capitalize the P in pizza. Calzone suggestions anyone? Jay?

17 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Calzones in Dallas

  1. Vito’s in Irving makes a freaking awesome (and gigantic) calzone. Apparently, Vito’s has locations in Highland Village and Frisco, but I can only attest to the one in Irving. Don’t go there if you’re going to be a jerk, though. The staff is so sweet.

  2. Joe’s Pizza. They are scattered around the Metroplex and owned by various members of a family.

  3. I’ve heard Russo’s in Richardson does a good one and I know Maurizio’s in Coppell does too. They will even fry it for you…even better than baked. Also, Maurizio has a pizzaiolo friend from Naples coming in – I think in Sept – so that should be awesome.

  4. Wow 7 posts at least 2 hijacked from other blogs / sites. The anticipation from you for cane rosso’s opening was much different– just sayin.

  5. that Rocco’s rec has to be a fake…that place is awful.

    i can recommend Carmine’s (couple locations) as it’s pretty good. sometimes it’s the best i’ve ever had other times it tastes like it was made 2 days ago.

    you can always go to Cane Rosso and fold it and think you’re eating a calzone…

  6. Well, Mcpizza, full disclosure. We tend to give more ink to Dallas-based businesses. Dough is from San Antonio. Plus we call that sharing links with other sites.

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  8. Isabella’s in Grand Prairie–yes GP, near the intersection of Carrier & Marshall.
    I second the recommendation for Joe’s. The Joe’s near my house makes a good calzone and serves it with a side of New Jersey attitude that’s fun in small doses.

  9. I personally felt like I was seeing writeups about Dough everywhere. 7 posts is definitely more than enough. I would only expect 1 or 2.

    I’m not a huge Calzone fan, but the one at Grimaldi’s is the best Pizza (to appease the need for capitalization) I’ve had in Dallas. I actually somehow liked it better than the one in New York under Brooklyn Bridge. It could be the frame of reference (the pizzerias I have to compare it to in Dallas). I am also a New York thin crust pizza fan. Tastewise the sauce at Grimaldi’s is really the best in Dallas. And they don’t fail at the cheese to sauce ratio as so many in Dallas do. Ok I went off on a pizza tangent..

  10. Brother’s Pizza on Travis Street at Fitzhugh does a very good calzone. And, they deliver.