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Making Dallas Even Better

My Turn: Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in Dallas

The boys at the office wanted to try Dough’s (I am now officially shortening the name) pizza so, ever eager to please Zac and Tim, I headed over. I arrived a little before noon. No lines. The restaurant was about 80 percent occuPIED. There were five people at the host stand, one of which I […]

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Special Report: First Customer at Dough Spends $62 for Lunch. Sends Pictures and Report

Ladies and gentlemen, and I use those terms loosely, meet Jon Battle. He pestered me for months about the opening of Dough in Dallas. He’s a FANatic fan of their pizza. Well, the persistent Mr. Battle was the first official Dallas customer to enter Dough Pizzeria Napoletana when they opened this morning. He took a […]

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Pyramid’s Lifestyle Cuisine Plus Menu Shines a Flattering Light on Gluten-free, Macrobiotic, Vegan Recipes

The last time we checked in with chef Andre Natera, it was during his World Master Chefs Society induction. Yesterday, I visited him at Pyramid to find out about the Fairmont’s new Lifestyle Cuisine Plus program. According to Fairmont corporate, the goal was to create a fresh and nutritionally balanced array of meals for guests […]

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One-On-One Interview With Carrie Keep of Hell’s Kitchen/NOSH

Contributor Brooklynne Peters landed a one-on-one interview with NOSH line cook and Hell’s Kitchen, Season Nine contestant, Carrie Keep. The two sat down at Coal Vines Pizza and Wine Bar in Uptown last week, during which time Keep dished about the show’s behind-the-scenes drama and how she only has eyes for “cheffy.” Take it away, […]

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