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Making Dallas Even Better

Cool Off with Crazy Dude Sweet Frozen Treats

Dude Sweet owner Katherine Clapner posted on her shop’s Facebook page this weekend’s featured frozen flavors, and they sound like a crazy, creative, and tasty way to beat the heat. FROZEN YOGURTS: fig/malted milk and banana/baharat. ICE CREAMS: rooibus/white chocolate and ginger beer. SORBETS: blueberry/fennel pollen, kiwi/matcha, miso/togarashi, chocolate/pomegranate molasses, and Mexican papaya/agave.

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CBS to Host Most Valuable Blogger Competition

I bet Steven Doyle doesn’t even know about this!! I just happened to stumble across it on the CBS site.  Looks like they are going to have a Most Valuable Blogger competition. I would never suggest who you should nominate but The Scott at has already made his sentiments known. This is going to be […]

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SideDish is Ready for KRLD Restaurant Week 2011

Dishers! It’s that time of the year: KRLD Restaurant year month Week. The event kicks off on Monday, August 15 and beginning Tuesday, August 16, we will have a daily post dedicated to your reviews of the restaurants you sample during RW. We know a lot of chefs will be cooking their butts off for […]

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Chef Tony Gardizi Rides Again: Café Mykonos in Plano

Café Mykonos, a “European restaurant with a Greek influence,” is, according to their website, undergoing a facelift. This morning comes word from their head surgeon, chef Tony Gardizi. You remember Tony. He’s cheffed at Vino and Basso, Guthrie’s, Bali Bar, Mi Piaci, and Capriccio Ristoranti. Most recently he went down with the ship at Decanter […]

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Roll on, Camarena! Tesar & Tequila Schedule Taco Truck Tasting Stop at Sigel’s

Gird your lions. This just in: Sigel’s + Tesar + free Tequila + multiple locations = an outcome that’s anybody’s guess On August 18, chefs John Tesar and Phillip Vorkoper of The Commissary, along with Camarena tequila, will host a free tequila and taco tasting from the Camarena Tequila Taco Truck parked first in the […]

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