Want More Pizza Napoletana? Dough Pizzeria Set to Open at Preston Forest

photo courtesy of Dough's Michael Giordano.

Claire St. Amant staff writer at our sistah pub, Preston Hollow People, was able to squeak out this tidbit of information from Lori & Doug Horn, the tight-lipped owners of Dough Pizzeria. Here it is: they will open one week from today.

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In a March report, St. Amant reported:

Normally, if you wanted to eat a pizza made in an Italian oven, you’d need to hop on a plane first. Even the Best Pizza in Dallas is cooked in an apparatus built on this side of the pond. But soon (May, the owners hope), you will be able to sink your teeth into an authentically-made pie from Dough Pizzeria Napoletana.

The joint first opened in 2007 in San Antonio with an oven they shipped over from Naples, Italy. The second location will be at Preston and Forest, the former site of Chocolate Angel Too. Owners Doug and Lori Horn are still mum on what Dallas restauranteurs will be running operations, offering only the descriptor “restaurant people.” The pairs’ pizza comes with local and national acclaim and is scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (the spot was shot in February).

And now, we wait…

15 comments on “Want More Pizza Napoletana? Dough Pizzeria Set to Open at Preston Forest

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  2. Its not correct information. Il Cane Rosso Pizza in Deep Ellum is made in an oven hand-built by a 3rd generation oven builder in Naples, Italy.

  3. I think Claire was reporting on the original Dough opening in San Antonio. Several Dallas restaurants are now equipped with Italian ovens including Cavalli, Neo, Cane Rosso, and somebody else I am forgetting because I am supposed to be on vacation.

  4. Not sure if the Italians have a lock on wood ovens. A great example of the style are made right here in the Dallas area.

    Other pizzerias with wood ovens include Zanata and Campania. There are plenty of places that are brick but using combo gas/ wood like Three Sheets.

    Now I want pizza. Thanks.

  5. Cavalli Pizzeria in Irving was the very first pizzeria in all of Texas to have a Neapolitan Wood Fired Oven, which was hand built in Naples by a small family owned company. They were also the first ones to bring Neapolitan Pizza to Texas, and the first to be certified by Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN). Cavalli Pizzeria in Irving opened in January of 2008. Then in 2009, came their second wood fired oven, again from Naples which is their Mobile Oven. Finally, in September of 2010, they brought the third Neapolitan Wood Fired oven to DFW in their Mckinney location.

  6. OK seems like everyone is getting a little sensitive about the oven… All I care about is DOUGH IS DAYS FROM OPENING!!! By far, the best pizza I have ever had…and I have had them… Cavali’s, Cane Rosso, Olivela’s, Campania etc.

  7. Yeah…I think we’re burying the lead. Regardless of who did what first or who has what pedigree…there are now a bunch of spots to get quality pizza around the whole DFW area. Could we say that 5 years ago?? Cheers to all the restaurants that give a damn about making good pizza!

  8. I’m also super excited it’s finally opening. It’s my favorite pizza and I’m glad I won’t have to drive all the way to SA to get it. But like Jay said, cheers to all the restaurants that give a damn about making good pizza in DFW!

  9. We agree, glad to have some quality pizza here in Dallas. We are proud to be part of this craze. Making pizza is a passion, you can’t teach it you must live and breathe it! Buona Fortuna a tutti!

  10. Brad Liles and Keith Hall are the owners. I think they owned Chocolate Angel. May be wrong.

  11. Had lunch there today before the opening on Tuesday. I’ve had pizza in Naples Italy, and Dough truly had all the same flavor. I’m hoping to head there for lunch this week with some friends. Incredible.

  12. My wife and I ate there the night it opened. We also have had the good fortune to eat at the reknowned Brandi’s in Naples, apparent original home of the Pizza Marguerita. We both thought Dough was on a par (plus its near our house). It’s not cheap, but it is well worth it!