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  1. We had some great pho and banh mi at Pho Is For Lovers. Cute little place. I also tried the banh mi and spring rolls at Pho Colonial downtown this week. Again, excellent! Next week, I’m going to try to branch out a little on the food choices!

  2. We had great sushi at our favorite Japanese place – Densetsu in Plano. Their food never disappoints.

  3. Had a great Indian BBQ dinner at Ziyaafat in Plano. Good choices.

    @Martin, I drive by Densetsu all the time but have not tried it yet. Look’s good from your comment so I’ll have to go soon.

  4. Superb HH at The Grape, it never disappoints. Half off all wine and great deal on filling appetizers. Went to Urbano last night and it was excellent. Love how you can bring your own wine. They have a variety of dishes to please different taste and the food is always very fresh and flavorful.

    @ Ravi, definitely try Densetsu. I work near by and love to go there for lunch. Great sushi and service.

  5. Was treated to a private lunch tasting at La Fiorentina this week. The Lombardi Family has done it again! Everything was fresh and flavorful…the Burrata, Tomato and Arugula Salad was superb and the Crostini tasting was stellar. I particularly love the truffled corn risotto offering. A big bowl and some crusty bread and I’d be a happy girl. They are only open to the public for dinner. I can’t wait to sit in front of the open kitchen with a glass of wine and enjoy another meal.

  6. Dinner at The Grape Monday night to try the cheeseburger. It was as good as the one I do on the grill, which is my standard. The only problem is that it is so thick it makes it hard to eat.
    Dinner at Mesa, out table had ceviche, enmoladas, snapper veracruzana, stewed chicken, and the braised oxtail. All really good. It’s so ironic to see Oak Cliff with so many first-rate restaurants. I remember eating at Gennie’s Bishop Grill in 1971 and there was NOTHING else in Oak Cliff.

  7. Just had breakfast at Crossroads Diner. The biscuits are like a cross between a biscuit and a dinner roll. Big and heavy, in a good way. The grits seem like they’ve been spiked with cream gravy and had an oily slick visible on top. My egg whites were delicious, worth the extra $1.50. My friend loved her french toast. The slices were huge. Because the coffee is a very dark roast, our (very friendly and competent) waitress offered to make it half coffee and half water, which I thought was great. We saw, but did not try, the enourmous sticky buns. Big enough for four to share. Next time…

  8. We also had dinner at Dunston’s on Lovers. It’s still the same after all these years. Nothing fancy, no surprises. Just some good steaks, baked potatoes, and the retro salad bar, complete with greasy crouton and deep-fried bread slices. It’s the antithesis of a fancy shmancy Dallas steakhouse. Note: upon exiting, you and your clothes will smell like the smoky grill. All good, though.

  9. @Ravi

    I’d really recommend it. Everything we’ve tried so far has been good and they’re not over-priced either.

  10. Can’t recommend the new Herrera’s on Fitzhugh. While the salsa has nice heat, everything else ranged from so-so to fail. Service was slow/inattentive (refill those chip bowls!) and when we pointed out that the beer we ordered was $1 more on the check than it was on the menu we were told the menu is wrong and we should pay up. Used a groupon; probably won’t go again.

  11. Danal’s in Irving rocked my world. It’s in a hispanic neighborhood in Irving on O’Connor south of 183.

    First things first: The flour tortillas are made from scratch in-house and are unbelievable. That alone should get you in the door.

    Complementing the floury goodness is a warm roasted tomato & pepper based salsa — kind of reminds me of Herrera’s — that is just the right heat level. The queso is equally complex with all the right accoutrements that make standout queso. And the chips are worthy of the sauces that go with them.

    Stop right there. I base all Tex-Mex off of those four things: Tortillas, salsa, queso, and chips. If a Mexican restaurant can nail those four things — and Danal’s scores a 10/10 on all of them but the chips, with the chips coming in at 7/10 — chances are the rest of the meal is going to be done right.

    One tamale, one cheese enchilada, chicken and steak fajitas, rice and charra beans were shared between our two plates. With the exception of the cheese enchilada (5/10), everything was right in line with pre-entree players.

    Kind of went overboard and this comment is turning into a full on review, but I really want to get the word out on this place. It’s pretty awesome.

  12. Mostly we stayed close to the nest this terribly hot week. But then again the very best meal worms in Dallas are just a quick few hops away at a place called “Uncle Nancy’s,” and so there really isn’t much reason to stray very far. We’ve been loyal customers for each of the four years we’ve summered in Dallas. On Tuesday I brought Colby for the first time. The father-son time was great, and while I worried that the waitstaff at this fine establishment would cause a flap about Colby’s rather flighty table manners, their welcome remained consistenly wonderful.

    The only thing that somewhat stuck in my craw was the darned papparazzi that kept taking photos, obviously in the hope of getting an embarrassing photograph for some tabloid or blog or something.

    I wonder, should I have caused a flap?

  13. In-N-Out Burger. Double, double animal style with cheese and extra onion. Can’t do that too often!

  14. Dos Charros on Plano Rd in Richardson. Chicken fajitas were great, but I’d go just for the chips and salsa (and actually have picked them up to go before). For Tex-Mex, sometimes the hole in the wall places are the best.

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