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Making Dallas Even Better

Wondering What Happened at Pho Colonial Downtown Yesterday? A Chronlogical Account (and UPDATE from the Owner).

Let me open  by saying that I love Pho Colonial‘s pho. I love it so much that I was willing to walk six blocks downtown in 104-degree heat yesterday to get some on opening day. But, at the risk of sounding … oh screw it, I don’t care…the opening day their Downtown location yesterday felt […]

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John Tesar on Extreme Chef Tonight

The Tesar is on The TV tonight. He will appear on The Food Network’s EXtreme Chef at 9PM. I believe The Tesar is hosting The Watching Party with specials on wine. Tonight’s episode “Survive The Farm” sounds exciting. Listen: Three chefs travel to a farm to dig for their own ingredients, but a powerful dust […]

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Ate it for $8: Gilley’s Jack Daniel’s Saloon in Dallas

This week Kristy Alpert gets down with some cowgirl grub at the Jack Daniel’s Saloon in Gilley’s. Overview: Owner John Gilbert opened his new saloon concept in January 2011 inside Gilley’s 91,000 square-foot entertainment venue, and, like the venue itself, the restaurant definitely draws a diverse crowd. Exposed brick walls and autographed guitars (Sheryl Crow, […]

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Cavalli Pizzeria Commemorates National S’mores Day the Only Way They Know How

I don’t usually start stories this way but… When some friends and I rented a villa in Tuscany last spring, the rental package included a traditional, wood-fired pizza dinner—cooked from scratch by the caretaker’s wife and sister—and capped off by a dessert pizza at the end. Imagine hand-thrown dough with Nutella, nuts, and granulated sugars—gooey […]

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