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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Mac ‘n Cheese

A Disher with a sunny disposition writes

I’ve seen so many things about Mac n Cheese recently and I am looking for some GOOD N’ CHEAP Mac n Cheese.  I don’t want Mac n Cheese with truffles or lobsters or crab.  I don’t want to make a reservation or enjoy it during restaurant week or eat at some place with a big wine list.  I don’t want it to be made from Gouda or Buda or some super fancy schmany cheeses.  I just want AMAZING yet plain’ ole Mac n Cheese, ideally on a blue plate special, that I can get as part of a meal for around (or under) $10.

32 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Mac ‘n Cheese

  1. Macaroni ‘n’ cheese is a Paris Coffee Shop “vegetable” every Friday. Try it with fried chicken, fried cod or a chopped steak. (Always a tough choice whether to get the mac or the green peas/mashed.)

  2. Mac and cheese at Lockhart Smokehouse is outstanding. Itself is pretty cheap, when you start to add the amazing meats it can get expensive.

  3. We had some at Fat Cow BBQ in Lewisville the other day and it was pretty awesome. Nice and creamy cheese.

  4. The other option is just look up Alton Brown’s baked Mac and Cheese recipe. It’s a sure fire easy recipe that produces outstanding M&C.

  5. I suggest making it yourself. Alton Brown’s Good Eats mac n’ cheese recipe is the best one that I’ve come across (not too creamy, still tastes like cheddar cheese, perfect crispy baked top) and you can’t get much cheaper than cheese, pasta, flour, and milk.

  6. City Tavern’s mac and cheese with their Pulled Pork sandwich, or the Chicken Wing sandwich is always a good choice.

  7. Actually, Panera has my favorite plain ol’ mac & cheese with shells. Oddfellows in Bishop Arts is my favorite “fancy” mac & cheese, and yes, they have a full dish with buffalo chicken. The Porch is by far my favorite with their casserole-like mac & cheese. :)

  8. HP Cafeteria. Plus you can indulge in a slice of pie since your on that kind of diet anyway.

  9. Are you talking about the stove top version of Alton Brown’s mac ‘n cheese or the baked version that is so good?

  10. No love for Norma’s? Actually the one on Beltline has better Mac & Cheese that the one off the toll road.

  11. Penne Pomodoro, they use their alfredo sauce and cheese it up. It’s on their kids menu, so it is cheap – and rich.

  12. My favorites are The Porch (baked casserole…amazing), Eatzi’s (sometimes needs a little more salt but usually is perfect), and as mentioned above, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the mac at Boston Market.

  13. I’ve had the “Kick Ass Mac & Cheese” from Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum a few times, and it lives up to its name. Add the chicken and call it a meal!

  14. Yes, it’s a chain, blah, blah. But…California Pizza Kitchen really does have some outstanding “Traditional” Mac & Cheese.

    Cheesy, creamy, and buttery. Really, what else do you need?

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