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Inventory at Tom Spicer’s FM1410

Tom Spicer: "Even cucumbers need a little shade."

This unedited list just in from Spiceman:

Developing and properly staffing any small business operation, especially a farm of any size, on less than a budget of shoe string potatoes isn’t easy… then throw a tanked economy on that camel. Fewph!

But I’ve DONE IT! My garden is filled out and flush, The new deck we built less than a year ago RULES, I have awesome garden workers, 2 lovely ladies to assist you with your produce needs (Ellen and Nicole)…now all I need is a driver.

Ok nuff said…here comes the good stuff:

Louisiana Chanterelles by this coming Wednesday…got the call from my buddies while they were still on a 12′ flat bottom boat, 15 hp Mercury trolling motor with a dingy loaded with ice chest of chanterelles in tow.

The Pacific Northwest continues to be the main stay of wild mushroomies though new venues like Montana are pushing up morels

Wild Sea Beans are here and looking to get some Huckleberries soon.

South Texas (Carizzo Springs and Sandia) are producing some really fine tasting melons, Canary/crenshaw, Israeli and Sugar Queen.

Marfa, TX Tomatoes are gapping but new crop Marfa maters may show as early as this comming Friday. These tomatoes are the best, utilitarian tomatoes for restaurants that blow through cases every day. I’ve had a hard time getting as good of a tomato out of Tennessee or back east.

Wolf Creek Farm in Tioga, TX is done on heirlooms but has still been delivering the finest produce selection (as usual) hats off to Tim McCullough… consisting primarily of Marconi and Gypsy peppers, baby okra, some eggplant, cipollini onions and really awseome jarred and “put up” bread n’ butter pickles, dill pickles, smoked red jalapeno salsa, Pesto made with his peacns in lieu of pine nuts, heirloom tomato base sauce, asian pear butter. His processing kitchen that runs the length of his barn is a work of art and state of the art. Another incredibly beautiful farm.

Sid Greer of Greer Farm in Daingerfield, Tx (stunningly beuatiful farm) has loaded me down with the best blueberries I’ve ever eaten…perhaps with the exception of those tiny lil Maine blueberries…Please come carry them berries away while they last.

Our FM 1410 Garden has arugula out the wazoogula in sizes and varietes from micro, petite, baby and full blown Wild (the word for wild in Mexico is Sylvestre though we call it Sylvetta and in France wild foraged is called Savage) also have Rucola, the Italian varietal.  We have in spades all the wild salads which love the summer heat and thus take the place of cooler weather salad greens like lettuces…what are those weeds? 4 varieties of amaranth including 2 varieties of the Jamaican Spinach they call Calaloo…I also have the coleus leaf varietal called Merah that I’ve deemed it “Calico Calaloo” which normally I’d write a poem about however it’s not flowing here and now but this other stuff I’m telling you about is.

Then, 2 varieties of purslane (very high in triomega amino acids)  blended with 2 varieties of Lambs Quarters aka Quelites (K-lee-tes) in Mexico. This is an awesome salad blend of what Neal Sperry refers to as “noxious weeds” so come score a bag of  “Salad Noxois” or if you prefer “Weedorf Salad”. We toss in the sour, lemmony herb Red Veined Sorrel, and  Fennel Flowers, Salad Burnette (a nice cucumbery salad pot herb)and Red stem Malibar Spinach (no room for a kitchen sink in this salad)

Then there’s Lemon Basil, Thai Basil, Shiso, aka Oba Leaves (Japanes Basil-Mint)

The first thing we pick out back in the morning are the squash blossoms….and plenty for all of Dallas.

Ok, Have some freestone peaches from Terrel, Tx. don’t know how long I’ll be able to get them but have them now.

I’ll be picking up 240# of 5 varieties of fresh shelled legumes most of which are to air cargoed to Boston within hours of procuring them. Speckled Butter Beans, Creamer peas, Crowders, Purple Hull and Lima beans. I’ll keep some for us otay pankies? OTAY.

Have some nice fresh Sumac, Fennel Pollen and Dill Pollen in house. Ok friends, thank you for your support and sorry I didn’t post prices it just holds up the process of getting this info out to you. Besides…let me say that most of you know that I’m competitively priced on retail as well as wholesale.

As a reminder to my Chefs…we offer a consitant supply of commodity produce, e.g. a full line of Fresh herbs, Salad greens in spades, mushrooms too, accented with the best tasting seasonal fruits and veg. So come on down and shop hungry.

Best regards


Spiceman’s FM 1410
1410 B North Fitzhugh Ave.
Dallas, TX 75024

  • Emily

    what are his retail hours of operation?

  • Nancy Nichols

    Not sure of his hours. Sometimes it’s catch as catch can. call first.214-954-7974

  • oober cuke

    I hear his retail hours are from 10:am to 5:pm mon thru sat…sometimes he opens earlier and somtimes closes later than 5:pm