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Making Dallas Even Better

Restaurant Review: The Company Cafe in Dallas

Dining out was once so simple. You sat down in a restaurant, ordered whatever sounded good, ate it, and went on with your life. Now you need an advanced degree in epidemiology before you’re qualified to choose an entrée. Every day, we get bombarded with health warnings about food: too much added sugar will kill […]

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Cruisin’ Vietnamese Fusion: (Two starving architects+love of food) x empty wallets + 1 beat down truck = Nammi Truck

Yes, the food truck issue has gotten plenty of press, but come on, how cute are these kids behind the wheel of the Nammi banh mi food truck? Driving around, making sandwiches, being all smart & adorable. (NOTE: we can’t vouch for the food because we haven’t hooked up with them yet. but we’ll let […]

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First-Take Review: Rohst Opens Quietly Yet Flavorfully on Greenville Avenue

The set-up: Raise the flag on the rebirth of the corner of Greenville and Goodwin as Rohst (phonetic for roast) opens in the spot next to Dodie’s (and across from The Grape and Blue Goose). Although this new eatery is still in the soft-opening phase, we paid a visit (undercover, of course) to find out […]

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Yelp Versus the Restaurateur—Read and Discuss

In an article on, Kay Logsdon updated us on the Yelp vs. the restaurateur debate—specifically whether online reviews via Yelp (and, eh-hem, other sources) are a good or a bad thing? The following is the opening excerpt from her article: It was the food fight of the year. The tall, wavy-haired young marketing genius […]

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Cavalli Pizza Napoletana Claims First Napoli Certified Pizza In Texas Honors

For Paolo Cavalli, making pizza is just continuing the work started by his great grandparents. For the rest of his family running Cavalli Pizzeria Napoletana it is also the continuation of the family work. The family is now large enough to support two locations: the original spot in Irving the more recent McKinney incarnation. They […]

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Learn How to be a Winemaker, or at Least Play One

Wines of Chile, an organization dedicated to promoting Chilean wine throughout the world and made up of 93 Chilean wineries, just announced the creation of their first virtual game for Facebook – Terroir Hunter.  Through their Facebook page participants can virtually run their own winery, including harvesting grapes, bottling, selling, exporting and eventually have their […]

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