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Has Anyone Tried Crazy Sisters Food Truck?

These food-truck-taco sisters seem to be making the rounds of car lots. This afternoon Crazy Sisters Food Truck is set up at Grubb’s Nissan in Bedford. Tomorrow afternoon they’ll be at Moritz Kia in Hurst. Look for them around midnight at Big Shots Sports Cafe in Bedford.

We have yet to try their tacos, but we really like the logo. And we also like the fact that there are food trucks popping up in other places besides the tried-and-true hipster hang-outs.

We always love hearing from readers who’ve tasted from the trucks, so, if you find yourself in Bedford, at midnight, with the munchies let us know how the sisters are doing.

6 comments on “Has Anyone Tried Crazy Sisters Food Truck?

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  2. I’ve had the shredded beef and fish tacos and they were awesome! Try the homemade french fries, they can’t be beat!

  3. I had the street tacos with shredded beef, they were absolutely amazing! The best street tacos I’ve ever had. People don’t know what theyre missin!!

  4. Haven’t tried them yet but I was standing at the Nammi truck today and one of the owners of Crazy Sisters came up and introduced herself to Nammi. Seemed like a really nice lady. She said they usually are only out Wed-Sat or Sun and do some late-night stops.