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24 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Had a great burger and onion rings at Brackets on Mockingbird. Potato bun toasted, blue cheese, field greens, roasted peppers and an aioli of some sort…really good! They use tempura batter on the onion rings which turned out light and crispy. Heard they are thinking about adding some new items so looking forward to going back.

  2. Lunch at Eden Cafe, across the street from Celebration on Lovers. We had burgers and sides, done well. Good place, we were the only customers. Please give it a try so that it stays in business.

  3. Tried Aboca, the new BYOB Italian place at Meadow and Central a few weeks ago and forgot to mention it. Simple, cheap, everything tasted pretty good. Tom Thumb is next door for wine pickup.

  4. Cane Rosso last Saturday. My Delia was sublime. Or at least, the couple slices of it I had were. My wife wasn’t digging her Motorino, so being the nice guy I am, I swapped with her. It was cooked perfectly and really delicious. Flavors just didn’t speak to her, I guess.

    At five bucks, the angioletti app is one of our favorites in town. They’re delicious little fried sticks of dough served with a potent tomato sauce. Add a spoonful of sugar and they’d be funnel cake, but they actually walk that line between sweet and savory beautifully. Love it!

    Freebirds. Best burrito joint in town. Blows the other big names like Chipotle and Quedoba away. Suck on that, Steve Ells.

  5. Farnatchi for dinner last weekend. Farnatchi burger was awesome as usual. BYO beer/wine–steal of a deal.

    Pleasantly surprised by Urban Taco for a late lunch on Tuesday.

    Freebirds was good for lunch, too, but they could stand to turn the music down a notch or two. Or maybe I’m just getting old. However, the service there is fantastic.

  6. Love Farnatchi! We went to Cedars Social on Saturday afternoon and were underwhelmed – service was off and they were out of hot dogs and french fries.

  7. Went to NOSH last night for the first time and it was excellent! Great cocktails and wonderful bistro-type food. I will definitely be going back.

  8. Went to Taverna last night in Dallas. It was more crowded than I expected on a thursday night but the wine bar definitely makes the wait go by quick. Had a great stuffed avocado with crab salad appetizer. Very light and melt in your mouth.
    For the main course I had the Ahi Tuna special of the night. I ordered it medium rare and it was past well done when it came out. Server quickly noticed and took it back and within minutes I had a perfectly cooked replacement. My companion had the veal special of the night and it was amazing.
    Love the food and the space at Taverna and will be back soon.

  9. All the food trucks in Dallas need to be on one webpage somewhere, so I can see what’s nearby at any given time. I would patronize a food truck for lunch right now — like this very minute — if I knew where one was.

    I would like to support these plucky gastronomes. But it’s hard. I don’t think your happiness is quite appropriate.

  10. I think there is a DFW food trucks twitter that keeps track of where they all are. Don’t know the @name though.

    Meshack’s for lunch today. The miracle whip in the potato salad makes it overly sweet, and the sliced beef is not the best. Minute smoke ring, but the ribs… The ribs are outstanding! I’m in a rib coma right now and will probably dream about them tonight.

    Ah, the power of google…!/BigDFoodTrucks!/Dallas_Foodie/dallas-food-trucks

  11. It’d be sort of a public service if you put them on your blogroll. IJS

    Anyway, for my $.02, I had the shrimp salad at Rex’s Seafood Market last night. Preposterously overpriced — which is especially damnable since I know I’l be back again and again and again. It’s so good I almost hate to let anybody else in on it (let alone a bunch of foodies who will also gladly overpay for it), lest it become rarefied. But I can’t very well ask someone else to provide a public service yet be niggardly of spirit my own self, now, can I? So there. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

  12. Lunch at Freebirds as well, this week. Brought back my favorite Austin memories. Completely agreed with Gipson that it’s the best burrito joint in town.

    Lunch at Alma on Thursday. It was great – had the Enchiladas Rojos. Corn tortillas filled with queso and then covered with an amazing red chile sauce and pulled short-rib meat. The enchilada sauce had a great depth of flavor and you could tell a lot of chiles went into it.

    Dinner/happy hour at Wild Salsa last night. Didn’t drink, but had the Tres Quesos quesadillas. They were tasty, but next time I’ll order the taco platter or the chicken quesadillas.

  13. The week that was – My BBQ Tour de Force

    Finally made it to Lockhart Smokehouse. I know it gets somewhat mixed reviews, but in my opinion, it was great. Had burnt ends, pork ribs and sausage. Burnt ends were the best I’ve had outside of KC, ribs were maybe the best I’ve had anywhere. After recovering from my self induced meat coma, I made a detour on my way down south to Lockhart. Decided to try Black’s for the first time. Had brisket, beef rib and sausage. Brisket was good, but not transcendant. Beef rib was good, but is still recovering from the severe beating that Louie Meuler’s beef ribs gave it. Sausage…meh. Maybe on off day, but as of right now I’d have to say doesnt live up to the hype.

  14. Oddfellows for breakfast. Cute but wasn’t super impressed with my breakfast (my friend really liked hers, though).

    Alma for lunch. Tasty, good service, would definitely go back.

    Charlie Palmer for lunch. Chicken sandwich was a miss this time, but I always enjoy CP.

    Cane Rosso for lunch. Delicious as always.

    Wild Salsa for dinner. Also tasty.

    …and now I need to either go to the gym or find my fat pants.

  15. Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill- Preston & Royal

     25th wedding anniversary here. Fabulous, wonderful, rich, y-word, loved it. Got seated within 10 minutes because I had called ahead and got on the list. Brought a smile to my face to see that NHS is located where the original Marco’s Pizza used to be. Daniel sat us..very pleasant. John was our waiter. Started off with 2 signature drinks..we aren’t drinkers…so we loved them. Tuna Tartar next. Sigh..the mix of tuna, avocado,  and fruit salsa was perfect…great mix of tastes. Next Wedge Salad..been there down that..but this was different ..first off it was not a massive piece of lettuce like most wedges are. 2nd.. The dressing wasn’t the usual thick, mayonnaise-y stuff. This was bleu and just right. Salad had some great grape tomatoes and fresh nuts. Loved it. Next Reuben sandwich for my wife. Big, rich with meat, cheese, and sauce. Loved it..only ate half..the rest (for me) tomorrow. I had the Heart of RibEye..cooked medium rare. Was beautiful — great flavor, tender…the voodoo sauce only added to my delight with this. The frites..were perfect. I’ve lived n Brussels, Belgium–I know frites. These were crisp, fresh, not greasy and flavorful..’nuff said. Daniel comp’ed us on desert with the butterscotch cream heaven. :)

    Loved this place..eclectic, high quality food, nice buzzy atmosphere and not off the deep end $$ wise. 

  16. Dinner Friday night by myself at Pho Colonial. Meatball and beef tendon Pho. Excellent!

    Today, lunch with a friend at Good 2 Go Tacos in East Dallas. We both had the (Greek style) lamb with all the trimmings including cous-cous in a soft wheat tortilla ($4.50). Great with a cold root beer soda.

  17. Brunch today with a friend at Toulouse. For me, delicious lobster bisque and the fresh Ahi tuna tartare served on lavosh. My friend had the frog legs appetizer and roast chicken sans pommes frites. All excellent.

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