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Cruisin’ Vietnamese Fusion: (Two starving architects+love of food) x empty wallets + 1 beat down truck = Nammi Truck

Yes, the food truck issue has gotten plenty of press, but come on, how cute are these kids behind the wheel of the Nammi banh mi food truck? Driving around, making sandwiches, being all smart & adorable. (NOTE: we can’t vouch for the food because we haven’t hooked up with them yet. but we’ll let […]

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Seafood Shack: Surefire Cure for the Monday-Night Blues

There’s about to be an angry mob with torches and pitchforks outside my cubicle, ready to string me up for disclosing their favorite hole-in-the-wall: Seafood Shack. Blame D’s director of online media, Julie Blacklidge Kinzie, for grabbing me at our Monday morning meeting to rave about the ceviche and margaritas. jump for more..

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First-Take Review: Rohst Opens Quietly Yet Flavorfully on Greenville Avenue

The set-up: Raise the flag on the rebirth of the corner of Greenville and Goodwin as Rohst (phonetic for roast) opens in the spot next to Dodie’s (and across from The Grape and Blue Goose). Although this new eatery is still in the soft-opening phase, we paid a visit (undercover, of course) to find out […]

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