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26 comments on “Best Hangover Cure in Dallas?

  1. more shots! 3 of them actually… 1 tequila, 1 bloody mary mix(don’t have to take the whole shot of this one though), and 1 pineapple juice. Take them in that order, back to back, and you’ll feel like a brand new person!

  2. The dude at Beauty Times who does foot reflexology. Wish I could remember his name. 10 minutes, your hangover is g.o.n.e.

  3. Hangover burger from Burger Girl. Fried egg on top. Be sure to add bacon.

  4. @Ronnie- I’ve heard that too, the “3shots” are called a Rooster Tail :)
    I prefer something with gravy and mashed potatoes. Or an Orange soda from McDonalds.
    and a nap

  5. Lori beat me to it. Pho plus a Vietnamese coffee and your instantly back to normal.

  6. I know most of these are in jest, but the only immediate cure to a hangover is more alcohol. So get to drinking!

  7. Menudo at Herrera’s on Maple. Saturdays and Sundays only (cause that’s when folks really need it!).

  8. Mia’s Sunset Fajitas or Enchiladas

    Burger Tex Burger w/ a large iced tea (Austin, TX)


  9. I haven’t tried this personally but apparently drinking coconut water is the latest and greatest cure. Just saw a case of coconut water at Costco for @ $17.

  10. This is a topic with which I have some experience. Bowl of pho. Several lime wedges squeezed into it. A lot of sriracha squeezed into it. Large ice water. Hot green tea. Yup, that’s the ticket.

  11. Ice cold Coke with a couple of Alka Seltzer’s plopped in & Snuffer’s cheese fries. Although now that I know about the pho thing that sounds much healthier.

  12. Jesus. What a bunch of kindeegartners. Hands down, this works. When you go to bed, take aspirin. Drink lots of water. When you wake up to throw up or pee take more aspirin washed down with lots of water. . When you wake up, more water and aspirin. Works every time.

  13. How about the pulled pork, poblano and fried egg plate at Good 2 Go Taco’s (sorry girls couldn’t remember it’s name!). It worked for me..Or you can try their aptly named “Hangover Helper” taco; chorizo, mashed potatoes and cheddar all wrapped up in yummy-ness in a flour tortilla.