10 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Dinner at Wild Salsa…twice. I would make sweet, dirty love to those lengua tacos if I could. We had a large group Saturday night. Service was fantastic, and everything the group ordered was a hit. Highly recommend the lamb shank. Highlights among the tacos were the lengua, barbacoa, and shrimp. I didn’t think the sweetbread tacos were all that flavorful, although they weren’t bad either. Love the pesto salsa. Cocktail-wise, all the drinks were (again) a hit, but I particularly liked the hibiscus martini. Went back for dinner a few nights ago and sat at the bar. Service was also good there, and the tacos (lengua, barbacoa, shrimp) were still excellent. Can’t wait to go back.

    Lunch at Bolsa. Tasty as always. I was really surprised at how great the service was. Our waiter was more attentive than usual–even replacing a side of soup that cooled off after sitting too long before being touched. Good work!

  2. Ate at Cane Rosso yesterday based largely on that beautiful picture posted yesterday. I ordered the pasta carbonara, it was not good at all. Pasta undercooked and overall just lacking in flavor, it just didn’t work. The waitress said it was done with prosciutto, but that wasn’t prosciutto in the bowl.

  3. Had a wonderful, long. leisurely lunch at Si Tapas. There were 4 of us and we must have had 25 or so different dishes – all superb. I never knew they were even open for lunch but it was great. Can’t wait to go back.

  4. Lunch at Bolsa on Wednesday – I’ve only ever been twice before at lunch and the server remembered me. Excellent service. Had the pulled pork sandwich, which was perfectly respectable. Those pickles, though, are excellent.

    Lunch yesterday at Howard Wang’s for the first time. The lunch special is a great deal: $10 for soup (hot and sour or won ton), side of rice (jasmine, brown, or fried), and all the usual suspects. Had hot and sour soup, which was quite above average. In fact, I’d go back just to have that again. Brown rice and the chicken mu shu, which came with a huge serving, two Chinese pancakes, and a side of hoisin sauce. I ate about half (and I notmally clean my plate) and will have the other half for lunch today.

    Service at Howard Wang’s was also great. The person I assumed to the manager was on the floor the entire time and when someone at our table commented on how much she loved the fried wonton strips at each table, within 10 seconds a second bowl of them appeared.

  5. Maple and motor – excellent, tasty burger, cold beer and braggadocios owner. Dude – let your burgers speak for themselves and quit name dropping.

  6. Jonothans Oak Cliff got their liquor license this week so I stopped by to see what they had. Among the six offerings were Golden Monkey, which was fab, er and that’s all I remember!

    I returned the next day for their awesome club-sandwich. This is the first club sandwich I’ve had in the US that reminded me of the very first club sandwich I ever ate in The Linar in La Coruna, Spain 1975! The reason why? It has a fried egg in it! I can barely eat 1/2 of the sandwich and in that it comes with your choice of side, there are definitely left-overs.

    I’m really liking Jonothans. I’m eve forgiving them for the coffee gravy on the sausage incident :)

  7. Should have said six draft beer offerings. They also have lots in bottles and cans.

  8. Went to Uptown Bar & Grill because my meal mate loves their burgers. I got the sliders. If you could call them that. I’m pretty sure they stayed on the grill as long as his thick patty. Thinner than cardboard and they tasted like cardboard. My bun, as well as my date’s, both made noise when you tapped them. That dried out. I pulled apart one of the meat patties and it even ripped like paper. Not one condiment to be found on them. Just dry, dry, dry, dry. Beyond gross. Will never go there ever again. Date hated his burger, too, and won’t be going back either.

    Worst sliders in town HANDS DOWN.

  9. With friends vacationing in Maine and sending me non-stop pictures of huge lobster rolls, I had no choice but to visit Sea Breeze today for clam chowder and a lobster roll.
    The clam chowder was, meh but the (skimpy) lobster roll was actually, quite good (for Dallas).

  10. Also had lunch at Si Tapas the week before last. Just had the owner bring out a half dozen different items that he reccomended. All were outstanding, especially the carrot salad and tuna dishes, desserts and service were both excellent as well. Definitely a hidden gem in the Big D