Chef Jeff Harris Bails Out of RedFork in Dallas

Steven “Ubiquitous” Doyle is reporting chef Jeff Harris and sous-chef Matt Balke have left the restaurant. WHAT? It’s been open for what, a month? CraveDFW reports

The executive and sous chef’s of RedFork have officially resigned citing creative differences with the investors. Harris plans to enjoy a couple of weeks at home with his new baby boy before announcing his next venture. In the meantime, it looks like RedFork continues on, “business as usual.”

Yow. Zah. Juicy deets.

6 comments on “Chef Jeff Harris Bails Out of RedFork in Dallas

  1. So was the “gas leak” story just a ruse to cover for a chef walk-out?

  2. Does not come as much of a surprise. I was there for the first time a few weeks ago, and our experience was disappointing at best. The waitstaff seemed confused and service was poorly executed.

    Food was “meh” and overpriced.