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Making Dallas Even Better

Eater Dallas Debuts Today

Sorry, I’m a little late to the welcome-Eater Dallas party, but here goes. Today Eater Dallas officially opened for business. The announcement comes from editor, and former Dallas Observer writer, Andrea Grimes: Eater Dallas will make sure the best food and drink news—and, let’s face it, sometimes the worst of same—boils to the top. We combine […]

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Alma on Henderson Ave. Opens for Lunch Today (And There Was Much Rejoicing)

I’ve had some pretty sweet meals at Alma—the enchiladas rojo, the cochinita pibil, the chile rellenos. So the news that, as of 11 am today, Alma will start serving lunch has literally made my week. Recently-promoted exec chef AQ (Anastacia Quiñones) has put together a lunch menu rich with regional faves. Items she’s excited about: […]

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Eat This Now: Looking beyond the pizza at Cane Rosso in Dallas

I’m starting to think that Jay Jerrier is basically the culinary King Midas.  Everything the man touches is nothing less than gastronomic gold.  It’s not good enough that, essentially, the entire city of Dallas is certifiably psychotic over his pizza. (Personally, I have had at least three auditory hallucinations while eating his pizza, in which […]

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