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Making Dallas Even Better

These Are a Few of My Favorite Restaurants: The Grape in Dallas

If you ever decide to become a restaurant critic be prepared for the inevitable question: “What is your favorite restaurant in Dallas?” It’s a hard question for me to answer. Not because I’m evasive, it’s because I feel like I have to quantify my choice by answering “well, if I’m in the mood for Mexican […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Peach Cobbler in Dallas

Have you been eating Texas peaches? This guy has and he has a question for you. Just finished some peaches I picked up at Dallas Farmers Market last week, and they were spectacular. Which brings to mind the question: which restaurants in town serve a great cobbler? I’m a Southern boy and really enjoy these  […]

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Let’s Discuss: Is Yelp Deleting Customer Comments to Sell Ads?

I know very little about Yelp. I see it when I am searching for restaurants but I have never stop to read the reviews. Anywhoo, several people  emailed me this week with complaints and concerns about Yelp. One loyal Disher sends this post found on Cavilli Pizza’s Facebook page. (Cavilli, that will be $15 for […]

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