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Wendy Krispin and Kay Agnew Team Up to Open Royal 60 in the Dallas Design District

Two Dallas food biz veterans, Wendy Krispin and Kay Agnew, are joining forces to open Royal 60. Both gals are dear to my heart as they have spent most of their lives catering. (I still believe every presidential candidate should be able to cater a wedding for 400–hardest job in the world.) Kay has been slinging Cajun food and running restaurants almost 30 years while Wendy is just out of rookie status at 25 years. Kay’s restaurant Margaux’s has had at least nine lives and probably close to that many locations. Her current digs in the Design District will be the new home for Royal 60. “This project is a way for Kay and I to celebrate our combined experience,” Wendy said. They are working on the plans for Royal 60, but it will basically be a wine bar with food. Details on the way…You go, girls.

7 comments on “Wendy Krispin and Kay Agnew Team Up to Open Royal 60 in the Dallas Design District

  1. I am confused. Will Margaux’s be history? It has always been very good since the first life on Lovers Lane where Kathleen’s is today.

  2. It was Kay Agnew’s ex-husband (I forgot the jerk’s name) who introduced me to Heitz Vineyards Cabernet’s back when Margaux first opened on Lovers Lane over 25 years ago. Kay is a sweet, hard working gal and I wish her the best of luck in this new venture.

  3. Tom Agnew and they had a daughter, Margaux, who is now about 25 and very pretty.

  4. Oh yeah, Tom. I remember when Kay was pregnant with Margaux. 25 now. God, how time flies!

  5. And I hope D mag has a separate and expanding section on Wine Bars in the restaurant section as this seems to be a very intriguing trend we should be reading about.

  6. Jo, we do have a wine bars section on our website restaurant directory and in the magazine. Some months it doesn’t get printed due to space limitations. However, info on wine bars is always available on Restaurants Tab above.