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SideDish Word Ban: YUM!

Beginning today, July 15, 2011, I am banning the use of the word YUM from any post on SideDish. You can YUM away all you want in the comments, but I will do my best to keep it from appearing in an official report. I do my best to stay away from “foodie,” but have yet to find the perfect replacement. YUM, however, has many. HOWEVER, I reserve the right to use “yummers” or “yum” when  I am being sarcastic or quoting a person.

If you spot the word YUM in a post after today, you will win a prize. Carry on.

9 comments on “SideDish Word Ban: YUM!

  1. Good call. We will do our best to hold you to this. Re: “foodie” – may I suggest gourmand, gastronome, or epicurean Sherpa.

  2. now if you can only get ahold of “Best Thing I Ever Ate” participants…they have a vocabulary of 10 words, 4 of which are “yum”, “yummy,” “Yumminess” & “yumminiciousness”