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Making Dallas Even Better

The Grape Celebrates The Feast of Saint Martha for The Stewpot

I don’t know where Chef/Owner Brian Luscher and his lovely wife, GM/Sommelier Courtney Luscher of  The Grape  get all their time, but I applaud their generous spirit.  They are two of the most involved people in the Dallas charity scene we have, and their next event just hit my inbox.  July 28-30 they will hold the 2nd […]

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Wild Salsa: Hate the Sign, Love the Food

Downtown’s pretty exciting right now. First, Dirt opened on Monday (adorable store, go visit). Then, last night, Wild Salsa opened. And, according to a conversation I had with the manager at Pho Colonial, their downtown location will open in two weeks. My husband and I have been watching Wild Salsa be built for the past […]

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