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Taco Cabana Introduces Grilled Ajo Chicken Street Tacos

Ajo Chicken Street Tacos

Taco Cabana recently upped their “line” of tacos to include grilled Ajo Chicken Street Tacos. They include all white-meat chicken marinated with roasted garlic, onions and rich red peppers, served with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and topped with a creamy chipotle sauce. The inspiration for the traditional-style street tacos – small tacos, served three to an order, each served in two corn tortillas – came after they sent a culinary team to Guadalajara, Mexico. TC sent some coupons so I went to try them. These are a great lunch portion and the tacos really do taste different from the regular menu tacos.

11 comments on “Taco Cabana Introduces Grilled Ajo Chicken Street Tacos

  1. “Rich” red peppers?

    And what “street taco” has lettuce and tomato?”

    Glad you liked them.

  2. 4th sidedish entry I’ve seen in the past few months on TC… there is better inexpensive mexican food in dallas than this.. way better.. their pr people must be good friends of yours

  3. Really? Did someone have a deadline and forget to go to work? When you have the opportunity to write for D’s Side dish section you’d think you would try to expand your pallet beyond Taco F’n Cabana. There’s an idea. Dallas has a ton of Latina chefs busting ass to get coverage and instead- TC bullocks.

  4. Do you work for Taco Cabana?

    I get that In-N-Out was news, but I don’t see press releases (because that’s what this is) about Whataburger, Wendy’s or any other fast food joint. We don’t come here to read about Taco Cabana and the coupons they sent you for free food. We come here to read about our original dining scene.

  5. Not to bemoan the lack of “street cred” but aren’t those flour tortillas in the pic? It looks like their regular tacos wrapped in foil like the street rather than the TC wrapper.

  6. Sounds good to me. Luckily the little kiddo often wants TC instead of McD’s and I have to eat too.

  7. I work at TC– and yeah, the food shouldn’t show up in foodie blogs. But, these are shockingly good and I don’t feel disingenuous recommending them to customers(unlike most of the menu). LJT, those are indeed corn tortillas, and the Taco uses aluminum foil to wrap all tacos/burritos, not a “TC wrapper.”