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10 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Person: Cooking Classes in Dallas

  1. I took my beau to Sur La Table for his birthday-group classes for around $70. We had a great time, and learned how to make some fanastic dishes that I reused for Christmas dinner!

  2. I second Liz’s suggestion. I’ve heard some great things about Duo’s courses and make sure you get on their email list as they do quite a few specials including couples specials which will help with transition. Good luck!

  3. You can’t beat the deals at the local community colleges. Collin College in Frisco has a very new, top-notch facility with excellent teachers. And classes are dirt cheap.

  4. You can take classes at Le Cordon Bleu. They occasionally have classes such as bread baking, sauce making, or knife skills that are open to the public and occur about one time per month on a weekend. You may call the school to inquire about them. They are taught by the chefs that teach the regular classes at the school.