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Somebody Help This Poor Boyfriend Out

Panicked 4th of July requests are coming in fast & furious. Here’s one of my favorites from this morning:

Help! I just started dating a very cool woman. She happens to be vegan (or is it a vegan?). Regardless, she invited me to her 4th of July cookout which is, yes, you guessed it, all vegans except me. I want to be respectful and make a good impression on her friends & family (I really like this girl). She asked me to make a side, preferably potato salad. I could look up some recipes but I’m kind of a lost cause in the kitchen. Does anyone know if there’s a deli that sells vegan sides?

A challenge, to say the least. Let’s help this poor schmuck.

21 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boyfriend Out

  1. I don’t think this relationship will last long. If he throws a party with a bunch of omnivores in attendance can he ask her to make a meat-based dish?

    How vegan is the girlfriend? can he use real mayonnaise?

  2. Cosmic Cafe, Bliss or Spiral Diner will work great! They all even have food a hard-core carnivore can enjoy.

  3. Dump her. She can’t possibly be that hot, for all of the trouble.Plus, she shouldn’t be asking guests to bring stuff. Get ya a big ol’ beefeater with some entertaining skills, and you’ll have more fun.

  4. Better yet, stop by Dickey’s BBQ, and pick up the JWP Special they’re offering now. A full eight inches of blackened sausage on a stick.

  5. Zoe’s kitchen has a potato salad made with olive oil and vinegar instead of mayo; i think it has feta in it but i’m thinking you could special order a batch without the cheese.

  6. Vegan or not, anyone can make a delicious potato salad without using any animal products or byproducts. In fact local chef Marc Cassel made one this past weekend for the picnic at the White Rock Lake Centennial. Check at Whole Foods or Central Market for a non-mayo, no egg potato salad.

  7. drop her and find a meat-eater quick. tried being in a relationship with a vegan once in my life. never ever ever again

  8. Make austrian potato salad, vinegar based and thickened with smashed potatoes instead of mayo.

    However, I pretty much tuned you out after “cool chick/vegan”….

  9. Try Whole Foods. They often carry vegan dishes in their prepared foods. I’ve even seen vegan “chickn” salad there.

  10. I like potato salad made with Bacon grease. Vegans like bacon right? Who doesn’t like bacon?

    Ok, joking aside…I know Central Market makes vegetarian twice baked potatoes. You could also bring a fruit salad or a veggie tray.

    The suggestions above are all very good ones.

  11. Vegan dishes are in the Prepared Foods case at Whole Foods Markets, and there are also some amazing dips and desserts. Just ask someone to help point them out.

    Just don’t buy the Vosges Mo’ Bacon chocolate bar for a hostess gift.

  12. So a guy says “I want to be respectful and make a good impression on her friends & family . . .” and you call him a schmuck?

    Classy. Real classy.

  13. @Sarah, for future reference – Definition of schmuck:
    n. a penis. (Yiddish. Usually objectionable.)

  14. Wow, cannot believe the mean people on here. I lived the vegan life for a year and am mostly vegetarian. My husband, the chef, and I regularly and playfully spar about meat. It’s no big deal people. The boy’s in love for God’s sakes.

    Dear Poor Schmuck- if you are still reading this and are still lost- email me. I will personally teach you and advise you on how to prepare a very easy dish. I used to do it for a living!

    Because see, not all Sidedishers are a bunch of A$$holes…