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32 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Lunch Wednesday at the “Island Spot” in Carrollton. Great Jamaican food! Delicious meat patty appetizer to start and (falling off the bone) oxtail stew served with plantains and callaloo (spinach).
    No iced tea available. Just highly sugared Jamaican fruit sodas. Had water. Pleasant and helpful staff eager to please. I’ll definitely return. Note: open Wed-Sat.

  2. Dinner at Stephan Pyles. It was good but was not overly impressed. Looking forward to my Cane Rosso fix this weekend.

  3. Bolsa for Brunch on Sunday. (it was my 1st time to go there, really! Hard to believe.) It was just great and the service was perfect. Everyone pretty much ordered something across the menu and all were pleased. I had the best BLT. Bloody Mary’s were the best I have had in a long time- when already prepared. (not at a make your own place.) They were funny about splitting tab for table of 12…. said we could only slpit it six times and only use six cards? Well– that was the end of the meal and the only hold up. We wil go back this weekend I bet.

  4. We were lucky enough to have Lucia reservations this week. We took foody friends who had never been. Everything was perfect. The star was the beef tongue, which is every bit as good as you hear.

  5. Just back from a week in Lima, Peru…while I was too chicken to try the cucuy (guinea pig, apparently often served complete with head and front paws), getting to know their local cuisine was a fabulous experience…gorgeous markets, fruits and vegetables I had never seen before, the lomo saltado, ají de gallina, causa de pollo, a delicious fish stew called chupe de corvina and a cup or two of coca leaf tea every afternoon…am anxious to try Nancy’s suggestion of a month or so ago, El Tesoro del Inka, in Irving – someone smart will open a first-rate Peruvian restaurant in Dallas very, very soon…

  6. What? Only one mention of Cane Rosso yet? I know the pizza is great there, but the service SUCKS. Yet every week the diehards on here keep raving…

  7. I went to dinner at Bailey’s Prime Plus at Park Lane and was very disappointed in the level of service. The waiter was clearly pushing the most expensive items, then he just kept disappearing. The food was ok, though not exceptional, and the interior design felt so awkward with the fake river and trees in such a huge room. Wondering how long it will last. No plans to return.
    @dbc – I’ve never had bad service at Il Cane Rosso, and it is my favorite pizza in Dallas. Sorry you had a bad experience.

  8. Dinner at Dish. Food fine, don’t like the disco feel of the room.

    Dinner at Nova. Had their margharita pizza, loved it. Fireside Pies margharita first, Nova is second. I just wish Fireside Pies was open for lunch.

  9. We went to the Chef’s Picnic at White Rock last Sunday. Amazingly good!

    1st and 10 for the grilled ham sandwich and a patty melt. 1st and 10 is a comfort place for me. Hub likes the strong drinks.

    The original Dodie’s last night. Those marinated crab claws take me back to my dating days with Hubbard. I love the shrimp bisque, too.

  10. Went to Pho is for Lovers on Greenville. Decent bowl of pho, reasonable portions. Apparently their Banh Mi baguettes are from Quoc Bao, I’ll be back to try those shortly.

  11. Cane Rosso, per usual. Unlike @dbc, I’ve always had great service there.

    Urban Crust in Plano. Cute atmosphere. Big props to the management – we had a problem, brought it to the manager’s attention, and he promptly and politely addressed it. It’s nice to actually see that (Eno’s, I’m looking at you very disapprovingly).

  12. @dbc – if you remember your servers name when you’ve had service issues, feel free to email me directly and I’ll cover it for sure. On the plus side, Megan Dennison, formerly of Park, starts with us on Wed 7/6 to run the floor.

  13. Also went to Pho is for Lovers and enjoyed my chicken pho. They are using a lot of disposable plastic to serve their food in–apparently this is because they are mostly a “to-go” operation and the ordinance(s) dictate disposable containers. They are open to suggestions for alternatives and/or green suppliers. If anyone is in the business and/or knows of any, please let them know!

  14. had an absurdly good food week.

    last weekend, was in cinci for my brothers wedding. if you are ever there, GRATER’S ice cream is as good as advertised. Coconut Fudge with Homemade Ice Cream.

    Sunday night Veritas Dinner @ Tei Tei. Meatballs in Red Miso, Copper Riv Sockeye Sashimi, Squid in Uni Sauce, Kalbi Tacos whole grilled bronzini, bonito tataki and more.

    Wed night Champagne Dinner @ Tei An. Absurd. Smoked Arctic Char Roe, Monkfish liver pate, Kobe Beef & Green Tea Soba, Flounder with Uni & Truffles (Foodgasm!), Risotto with Uni & Truffles (Multiple!), Amazing sashimi selection and Wasabi Ice Cream. All paired with wonderful bubbly…bubbly so good that we easily had 6-8 glasses and no headache next day.

    karma is going to kick me in the butt sometime soon because no one should eat that well in one week.

  15. @jonfromtjs: Did you know they sell Grater’s ice cream at Kroger? Maybe it doesn’t taste the same traveling all this way and maybe it does. I don’t like ice cream so I don’t know BUT ANYWAY, it’s worth a try.

  16. Nothing beats having Graeter’s at their stores in Ohio but the pints at Kroger are still pretty dang good.

  17. @jonfromtjs: I’ll have what you’re having.
    @TLS: At Kroger, try Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and save a trip to Cincy. It’s their best flavor and probably just as good as from their Cincy “scoop shop”.

  18. Lunch today at Cane Rosso again. It was noticeably less busy today. Most likely due to the holiday weekend.
    My half Mista Salad was delicious as was my Regina Margherita pizza. I did ask for fresh garlic to be added but, I don’t think it ever made it to the pizza. That’s OK though. The pizza was still great without it.
    Jay, you owe me a garlic topping! LOL!

  19. @TM – I second that. Went to Pho is for Lovers this week. Chicken pho was good but probably won’t go back because I don’t like eating hot soup out of plastic, and it bothers me that they only use plastic bowls and spoons. They don’t have a commercial dish washer, hence the plastic ware.

    Commissary on Saturday. My black bean burger was pretty good! The meateaters at the table were not impressed by the burgers. Probably won’t be rushing to go back unless it was before a show in the arts district.

    Asador for lunch. I was especially curious to try it after the long and immature (slow news days?) rant earlier this week about their name on this blog. Great food! I had the oyster sandwich. The creamed corn (it is really just Mexican street corn style) is a most get. Chef Trubenbach is a rising star in the Dallas restaurant scene.

  20. While were at it, I also have a problem with Pho for Lovers. Actually, more than just one problem. They’re very inflexible about ordering. Like, NO SUBSTITUTIONS!
    They literally get unglued and rude if you want to substitute anything. Quite a bit different than as described on their website. And the plastic ware and, that they expect you to TIP even though all they do is take your order at the counter.
    They didn’t even bring our dinner to the table. We did everything. From getting our food when called to getting our own drinks. I won’t return.

  21. VERY SORRY!!!! WRONG RESTAURANT!!! I was thinking of PHO COLONIAL on Frankford in Plano. Please excuse me.

  22. Lunch today at In-N-Out. Finally! Just as good as I remembered. The double, double “Animal Style” burger is the only way to go. However, I do think the fries get a failing mark. Even cooked, extra crisp.

  23. 6 postings out of 23 for @Twinwilloow who is usually way off the mark. Does this person, perhaps, need their own blog? Just wondered how others felt.

  24. @joeat – Twinwillow is very astute about food and restaurants in Dallas. No idea who the dude/dudette is but having read him/her for years, I trust the feedback even if I disagree. Must have been a big week for the Twinster.

    I sent last week in the Big Apple eating amazing food. Gemma, Artisinal, Uva, Eataly, I’m three pounds heavier, 3k poorer and convinced that there’s no better Italian food than what NYC has to offer.

  25. I’ve met Twinwillow. He is a nice, hard working man who enjoys his food and is entitled to his opinions, as we all are.

  26. I agree with DGirl. I also disagree with some of twinwillows opinions but I usually enjoy and sometimes learn from reading what he (or she) writes. All of us have opinions and I think its better to post very often than just lurk. As I do.

    It seems to me that if you’re on here long enough, you’ll make enemies of people who have no clue as to who you are or what you’re all about. I think its very mean and rude of some people.

  27. I wrote my comment before TLS confirmed that twinwillow is a male. Thanks. I love to eat as well but I’m pretty much a stay at home cook.

  28. Also had good service at Il Cane Rosso.

    Krogers Graeter’s is very good, my favorite is the chocolate/chocolate chunk.

    Dinner at Nosh – so excited from the hype leading up to it, and it was OK, didn’t disappoint, but didn’t overly impress. It was packed, noisy, and a fast pace – probably won’t return on a busy night. The watermelon salad was a big hit; shortrib, a bit disappointing – nothing memorable with the shortrib.

    Kellers on East NW Highway for the first time – great for what it is – very prompt “car hop” service with quick delivery of hot food.

    Bubba’s- always good

    Village Burger Bar- first time, very good burger.

  29. If you had read Twinwillow’s comments a couple weeks ago about having sausage in the pants, you would have known that Twinwillow is a 12 year old boy.

  30. I enjoyed Pho for Lovers this week as well, and while I liked it, I had the same issue with all of the plastic to-go containers. It just seemed pretty wasteful.
    I also had an awesome lunch at the Marquee Grill – a fresh crab asian salad that was spicy and refreshing. My mom had the grilled fish tacos with quinoa, and those were also a hit. Will definitely be back for dinner.

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