Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Creamed Corn in Dallas

Well, here’s a good one for you. A loyal Disher who is preggers has a healthy hankering for creamed corn. Hear her roar.

I am six months pregnant and craving creamed corn. I am tired of making it. Can you suggest a restaurant where I could call and get them to make a big batch for me? Thanks.

I told her Chamberlain’s Steak and Chophouse does a fine version. Anybody else?

33 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Creamed Corn in Dallas

  1. Babe’s Chicken has all the creamed corn you and your fetus can eat. Plus super tasty. Also, did I mention its all you can eat?

  2. Hard 8 has good creamed corn with jalapeno. Rudy’s in Frisco also has great creamed corn.

  3. Craft has the sweetest, creamiest corn I’ve ever had. So when the fetus feels wealthy and wants to eschew added sugar…

  4. The “new” Perry’s on McKinney. I order it to go all the time! Huge kernals.

  5. Rudy’s. It’s creamed corn for people who don’t like creamed corn. It’s whole corn and cream, not that mushy stuff.

  6. I’d go with III Forks as well. Get some of those big, fat fresh tomatoes for all that lycopene while you’re at it.
    Looks like I have some more creamed corn to try in town though.

  7. Old Hickory Steakhouse at the Gaylord Texan. Amazing habanero cream corn. It’s so delicious!

  8. That is hilarious! When I was pregnant with my Son, Carter, I craved canned spinach &
    It had to be Del Monte!!!

  9. Throw in another one for Babe’s Chicken Dinner House. Also, Jasper’s in Plano, if they still have it.

  10. If you ever had creamed corn at a steakhouse you can thank Richard Chamberlain who brought the dish to fame in Dallas. He makes the best hands down at his Steak and Chophouse in Addison.

    I watched him make it one evening and it contains copious amounts of cream.

  11. nick and sam’s same as rudy’s but you can have an awsome bone in tenderloin with it.

  12. Dish on Cedar Springs has some stellar creamed corn — plus, the place is just freakin’ cool

  13. Via Real In Las Colinas has 2 corn sides on their menu…stellar ..try them…

  14. Craft by far (but only when corn is in season). After they puree and strain out the corn milk, it’s used as a base to heat up whole kernels. And plenty of butter.