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Quick Rant: Worst Name for a Restaurant in Dallas

So I’m reading through a zillion press releases and I come across an older one from the new restaurant in Renaissance Hotel, the building near the Dallas Market Center that, to me, resembles an aerosol air freshner. It’s swanky looking place, and its “farm to fire” cuisine may be the best farm to fire cuisine ever trucked from a farm to a fire, the name of the place does not make me hungry.


I know, now, it’s Spanish for grill but still, come on. Really? Anybody else unhappy with the name of a restaurant?

29 comments on “Quick Rant: Worst Name for a Restaurant in Dallas

  1. Gosh, where to start? Rusty Taco and Fuzzy’s both bring to mind rather unpleasant hygiene or sanitation. Hunky’s is a little too colorful a name…

  2. I agree that Fuzzy, Rusty, and Velvet Tacos are far worse. I wasn’t a fan of “Dimples” either.

  3. Fuzzy’s came to mind immediately. I don’t even like the name Blimpie’s. Why not just call the place Big Fat Pig’s?

  4. It is the combination of a** and humidor that makes me feel somewhat claustrophobic.

  5. I cringed a little when I read about it. Sounds like something you’d call someone you were not terribly fond of to me.

  6. Sake Balm in the Quadrangle. I wince every time I walk by. “Was it the balmy heat or the thought of eating Chapstick that drove their customers away?”

  7. I’m sure that it’s fantastic, but every time I hear the name Whiskey Cake, I think of those disks at the bottom of urinals.

  8. Cheval or whatever that place is in the Intercontinental. Do I WANT to eat horse??

  9. So whats wrong if we change it to english The Grill? Does anyone have the same taste in your moths? Another that comes to mind si Mi Cocina? any bad thoughts?

  10. I know it is already closed, but ConFusion on Davis st was definitely my favorite ill advised restaurant name.

  11. What about the restaurant formerly in the uptown Sambuca location – Salve? You could pronounce is Sal-Vay till the cows came home, it just looked like salve (as in Vick’s salve) to me.

  12. @Cheval …you would be surprised how much you would enjoy horse meat. Provided it was a horse bred for eating not for racing (little stringy I would imagine). I ate some horse meat sashimi (yes, raw) in Japan that would give Kobe beef a run for it’s money.

    I don’t have an agenda here, I just find it odd how there is such an aversion to horse meat when it’s so incredibly similar to cow meat…all because we’ve romanticized one animal and not the other.

    Read this:,9171,1587279,00.html

    [sorry to be off topic, but I was just having this discussion the other day and I’m still intrigued by the topic]

  13. Potbelly. I know it’s named after a stove. But still. Will I get one by eating there?

  14. Does anyone remember “Wei Wei” on Central Expressway? They changed their name because they were tired of it being mispronounced.

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