17 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Had the new summer menu items, spicy summer gazpacho and tempura beech mushrooms at The Grape….AMAZINGLY delicious!

  2. Nova last night. Best hummus app in town and delicious udon noodles in broth with tempura chicken (on the side).

  3. Houston’s (Addison) for lunch Wednesday. Wonderful tuna sashimi salad with avocado, mango and black sesame dressing. Best summer salad anywhere.

  4. Grape for Father’s Day…Burger lives up to hype in my opinion (even the half I took home was great microwaved!) – but if you go for brunch don’t overlook the fried chicken biscuit.

  5. Cane Rosso, great as usual, Jay! Love that bacon marmalade.

    Made the mistake of going to Chili’s. The burger was OK. But, that “skillet queso” was not what I call queso. Brown, with little chunks of meat the consistancy of dog food floating in it. I’m guessing it was meat. Anyway, made that mistake.

    Then we sweated through a cheesesteak at Texadelphia. Literally sweated. It was well over 80 degrees in there. Had to be.

    We should have stuck with Cane Rosso!

  6. Nammi Truck for a quick Banh Mi. They’ve dropped the price from $7 to $6 even which is still 2x the price of a BM in Garland but when you take in to account that it’s 2x the size and 5x as convenient, it’s a great deal. Make sure to add pate.

  7. Nosh for dinner Saturday night. Everything was fine, but no “wow” moments and nothing memorable. Great service and I can see that it must be a good social place to meet. But, food wise, there is no reason to go back.

    Tillman’s just for the ceviche app and a glass of wine. Very nice, as always.

    Italian Club of Dallas for lunch. What a quirky place, but nice food, good price and reasonable portions for lunch. I plan to go back.

    I agree about the hummus at Nova. It’s the best.

  8. Cane Rosso per usual. Just ridiculous gelato. Love watching the dogs on the patio.

    Vietnam (also per usual). They’ve hired a dedicated bartender, which just seems weird. Is there some sort of craziness going on there late night that I don’t know about?

    Lunch today at the Porch only because we hadn’t bothered to check whether Alma was open for lunch. I give the Porch a “Meh.” Roast beef sammie au jus just would not stay together. I needed a bib, a trough, and some wet naps. Iced tea utterly bland.

  9. Oh, and dinner last night at Thai Star in Addison. Highly recommend. The food was yummy (hello, crab fried rice), and service far exceeded expectations. Also, wine by the bottle was ridiculously cheap. $20 for a decent red blend.

  10. Great lunch at Cedars Social. Bryan Williams and the entire staff are just the nicest, friendliest in Dallas. The Chef is great, but who cares with this wonderful, super service.

  11. Dinner tonight at The Table – crab lobster dish was great; wine pairings incredible; great meal overall

  12. Urban Crust for dinner on Fathers’ Day. Just delicious! From start to finish, great food, service and atmosphere. My favorite neapolitan-style pizza in the Dallas area.

    Oddfellows for lunch on Tuesday. Decadent cheese grits. Very friendly service. The menu said the Thai noodle salad came with hanger steak, but it showed up with tofu. It was a printing mistake of some sort. The salad had a excellent flavor, but the noodles were a gray color, and I would have preferred the steak. The staff apologized multiple times and offered to bring me something else. My friend has a bulging breakfast taco. I can’t wait to go back for breakfast.

  13. Dinner tonight with friends at Mesa. Everything was delicious! The mixed seafood ceviche was fresh and not too acidic with lemon or lime. Just, perfect!
    Had both the duck in mole’ and, the ribs. Although the duck was very good, I favored the ribs. I was also happy to see they were very busy tonight.

  14. Sticky bun at Crossroads Diner for breakfast early in the week. Delicious as usual, but it is too big for one person but not big enough to split and not have to order something else to fill you up.

    St. Ann’s last night for drinks and dinner. Hummus was great; grilled sizzlers were, too, although I hate the name. Wedge salad was OK, hamburger was so-so (according to my husband), shaved beef sandwich was great but salty. Service was lacking, but great drinks and atmosphere and the price was certainly right.

    Whataburger for lunch Friday. Better than In&Out and didn’t have to wait an hour. Texas proud!

  15. Dinner tonight with a friend at Bolsa. Had the Caesar Salad. Good, but not as good as Hatties. Nobody else’s is. And, the duck confit flatbread “pizza”.
    My date also had the Caesar salad plus, the Windy Meadows chicken breast. All delicious.
    The sangria’s were terrific!