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Wild Salsa in Downtown Dallas Readies to Open

The sign is up above the door at Wild Salsa next to The Merc at 1800 Main Street downtown and there is an “ad” on Craig’s List for servers. I’m a little unclear on the concept. The ad says it’s a New Upscale Modern Mexican restaurant, but my super spy who lives close by says the workers told her it was a Mexican restaurant but will deliver Chinese food. A crazy idea but I love it.

The restaurant is owned by Dallas Restaurant Group (Dallas Chop House, Dallas Fish Market). When they announced the project, the culinary consultant was John Tesar. Today,  former Nova chef Kelly Hightower is currently overseeing the project. No official opening date has been announced.

7 comments on “Wild Salsa in Downtown Dallas Readies to Open

  1. That sign’s been up for a week or two now–more than sufficient time for me to conclude that I hate it. What is this, a tattoo parlor?

  2. It does look like a tatoo parlor. But Hightower knows his away around asian food very well. His Ramen at Nova is still on the menu and it’s great. Even so, another upscale Mexican restaurant? With Alma, Komali, and Mesa all up and running and doing well, I wish these guys luck. Maybe mixing in some lo mein will set them apart.

  3. cool, a tatoo joint that sells asian inspired upscale mexican food or is that a mexican restaurant that delivers tatoos asian style. I’llme have some peking duck quesadillas with wasabi guacamole delivered by a tatooed rickshaw driver. Yeah baby!

  4. DRG taking over downtown. im still a little leary of this entire organization… when is PHO opening; thats what i’m looking forward too…

  5. Getting mixed signals from this place. Its advertised as Up-scaled, but I’ve heard they are putting in a window. This window is for late night tacos til 3am. ??? How up-scale did they mean? walk up taco window til 3?