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Making Dallas Even Better

Something’s Going on With Michael Costa at The Office Grill in Dallas

Michael Costa, outside of The Office Grill, talks with a Smith Security agent.I got a tip this morning from a loyal Disher. He/she spotted chains on the front door of The Office Grill in North Dallas. I called the restaurant at noon and got voicemail. (They are usually open for lunch.) Sarah Reiss happened to be nearby and I asked her to go over and check on the situation. She pulled up to find owner Michael Costa standing with two Smith Security employees. Sarah snapped a picture and walked over to ask them what was going on. After identifying herself as an employee of D Magazine, she asked Costa what was happening.“Nothing,” he said. “We are open. I‘m not going to comment.”

When a worker carrying what appeared to be his chef knives tried to enter the building, Costa had a conversation with him and the worker got back in his car and took off.

They may be open, but The Office Grill (Lucky 7 Private Club) has been on the TABC delinquent payments lists published on May 3, May 18, June 3, and June 18. Carolyn Beck, of the TABC in Austin, confirmed that Lucky 7 is on the list because they owe Goody Goody Liquors $7,700 and have since March. If you are on the list, you are not allowed to buy liquor from wholesalers. She also said that the TABC has not suspended Lucky 7’s permit.

Being on this list does not always indicate the restaurant has hit hard times. Sometimes many restaurants make an accounting oversight or the payment gets delayed in the mail. Either way, if you miss the strict deadline you go on the list. Four straight? That’s a problem.

  • Alanda

    Costa’s silicon bimbo “assistant???? Daddy issues??? Are you kidding? Do you have anything else to do besides trying to destroy other peoples lives?? “the dude (daniel/ pot head)” is that who call yourself?, your a joke! You look like a fool saying things that you clearly do not have facts on and its out anger because they fired you for reasons like the drama as shown above .. Grow up!!!