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Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor to Open Taco Joint at UTSW

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has asked Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor to open a Mexican food joint in the building’s food court. He signed the lease this morning. “We were approached some months back about inhabiting the food court at UT Southwestern’s newly renamed Paul Bass Center,” said Perkins. “This was of particular interest because, before his passing, Paul Bass was a great friend of Maple & Motor.”

10 comments on “Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor to Open Taco Joint at UTSW

  1. It’s interesting that Jack Perkins is doing a taco spot in UTSW, as this will be in almost direct compitition w/Urban Taco, which has a spot in Parkland Hospital right around the corner. If Jack does it right, and doesn’t charge an arm-and-a-leg for his food like UrbTac does, then there won’t be much compitition at all1

  2. Is this the same Jack Perkins that was waited on by Charlie Palmer himself yesterday at his namesake restaurant at the Joule? Congrats Jackson!

  3. Awesome. I would probably go to far lengths to try anything of Jack’s, if its half as good as maple and motor it will be a success. Its my bday today, i would consider this a gift.

  4. Think there’s a Rusty Taco going in around abouts there as well. Taco taco taco

  5. If you had Jack’s breakfast tacos at M&M, you know this is going to be the real deal. I’ll wait in line for that one!

  6. Congrats Jack! I was at Maple & Motor a couple of months ago when Stephen Lawson (UTSW Real Estate) let me know this was in the works.