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Tuesday Night Supper Club—Chef Jeff Harris Opens RedFork Tavern on Fitzhugh

The Burger at RedFork lives up to its simple name. (Photo by Brooklynne Peters.)

Join us in welcoming new contributor Brooklynne Peters, who will be bringing a new voice to SideDish as the writer behind Tuesday Night Supper Club. (Yes, today is Monday; consider this a sneak peek.) For her first entry, she visited RedFork, the much-awaited venture from Chef Jeff Harris (CRAFT). Take it away, Brooklynne…

While the exterior of RedFork, Chef Jeff Harris’ modern, unassuming new restaurant, doesn’t exactly scream “fine dining,” the interior is cool and open with concrete floors, marble slab tables, a long, sleek bar, and sizable patio. The location, while not immediately desirable, is convenient to Knox-Henderson and Uptown, which meant that even during last weekend’s soft opening, which we attended as guests, couples and groups poured in right from the starting bell.

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Chef Jeff Harris (left) and Chef Matt Balke (right). (Photos courtesy of RedFork.)

The reason why is no secret: With a kitchen helmed by Chefs Jeff Harris (CRAFT), and Matt Balke, (York Street) the menu is bound to draw crowds.

“[We’re] just trying to do some unpretentious, well-executed food,” said Harris.

The menu boasts diverse (although not revolutionary) cheese board options with choices of Edwards Country Ham (Virginia), Caprino Royale Chevre (Waco, TX), Oli Salami Norcino, (Virginia), Speck (Italy), Veldhuizen Texas Gold Cheddar (Dublin, TX), La Quercia Coppa (Iowa), Pork Rilletes (In-House), Manchego Gran Valle (Spain), Pot of Foie Gras ($8 Supplement, In-house), Point Reyes Blue Cheese (California), Prairie Breeze (Iowa). (While delicious, it reminded this diner of a smaller version of the meat and cheese board from Fireside Pies.)

The ham and cheddar croquettes served with Romesco sauce—a perfect combination of crunchy and creamy, with a spicy undertone—stole the show.

The pork rilletes come in a tiny jar, alongside a jar of pickled veggies (a presentation that was slightly reminiscent of 7th-grade science-lab_. Its appearance, however, doesn’t diminish the winning combination of the pork and the wonderfully crispy accompaniments.

As for the main course, The Burger lives up to its name. Freshly ground and three-stories tall, the fresh meat is unimpeded by any special sauces or extras. Just the patty, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce, as well-made as a burger could be. For dessert, spring for the buttermilk panna cotta with farm-fresh berries.

Talk to server Kevin Trevino if you’re looking for a wine or beer recommendation; he hinted that a Rogue chipotle beer may be available by the end of this week. With Brian McCullough (Smoke) steering the cocktail program, you’ll know where to find us.

Editor’s note: This post has again been updated. The typos have been fixed. All is should be right with the world.

  • Yummy!!!

    Great report. Had that burger this weekend. Wow!!! So good!!!! Cocktails were awesome.

  • Robie

    13 bucks for a burger? No thanks.

  • Sam

    I was also able to attend the soft opening & I think your observations are spot on. Great burger and definitely worth the $13 price tag!

  • gavlist

    seriously? “shev”? “Romanesco sauce”?

  • Happy Jack

    Never heard of shev. Per chance you were trying to spit out the word chevre?

  • Lol

    Ebonic food blogger maybe failed 7th grade science? Pretty sure its not word on the street, Brian is running the bar. Doofus.

  • Zach M


    Why are you on side dish? Go get on yelp or something.

  • Beda

    $13 is a lot for a hamburger, Zach.

  • Ginger

    Not entirely. Think kobo is coppa? Otherwise its just a made uo word. If he spoke to the owner as the quote would have us believe he would know he is making his own meats and buying them. Far cryf from Fireside Pie.

  • TerriM

    Still don’t have it right. The cheese is not called “cherve”. BTW, don’t blame this one on Ebonics.

  • sb

    Had the salmon dish. everything was fresh and tasted great. I was hoping for a little more creativity in the menu. Nothing jumped out to put this place on the map. The wait staff really needs to study the food & drink menu. They couldn’t explain the meats and cheeses and didn’t know much about the wine/beer. I know it was a soft opening, but this is basic criteria to play the game. Overall, I’ll check it out again. Glad to see development in this part of town.

  • gavlist

    yeah – the “Cherve” was a typo copied and pasted from the restaurant’s website.

  • mike

    Had the chicken and salmon for entree and beet salad and market greens for apps. It was all really good. Will want to go back late night for drinks and pizza.

  • Love It

    Went there this weekend and it was awesome. Tried everyone’s plates and everything was perfectly executed. Simple Food done really well, what more could you ask for. My Husband swears it was the best burger he ever had. Try it before you have to wait an hour to get in!

  • DonB

    Best burger I have had anywhere regardless of the price…it is and was worth it. The fries are perfect and the quality of the meat patty makes the burger “the best.” If you want a everyday burger, go to
    W.A.B….this is not your fast food burger.

  • Tahini

    Food was great, beer list was terrible. Blue Moon listed under “Imports.” Ben E Keith has the better American craft portfolio, don’t be tempted by Andrews snake oil.

  • Alison

    Had the Roasted Chicken this weekend and it was SOOOOO good. Will be going back again!

  • joshie

    Charcuterie, cheeses, salmon, sweetbreads, cookies, and panna cotta were superb. Fun and approachable cocktails. Everyone should try this place (especially the sweetbreads)

  • yep

    on the price of the burger…. i’m pretty sure twisted root has bumped their buffalo burger up to $12, and it doesn’t come with fries….