Toy’s Café on Lemmon Avenue is Closed

I heard Toy’s Cafe on Lemmon closed last week and I tried to call for verification. I didn’t get an answer so I called several of the surrounding businesses to see if anyone could confirm. (God forbid should I get in my car and drive over there.) Anywhoo, none of the people I contacted could speak enough English to understand what I asking them. However, a loyal Disher writes to say that Toy’s  sign is down and another announces the opening of Burger Island in the space. Sad news.

11 comments on “Toy’s Café on Lemmon Avenue is Closed

  1. Last I was in (about a month ago), I saw the sale sign up in the window and asked about it. I was informed that they were just moving, but when I asked where, I was told that they didn’t know yet. Sad day! Come back Toy’s.

  2. All of us who love Toy’s are in search of information regarding this special restaurant. If you get any updates, especially about opening in another locale, could you please let us know here, or at some other dining website?

  3. Good. That place was filthy.Although I have been eating there for 20 years…

  4. Ii so agree with @Mikemerriman. I live close and always wanted to like it but never trusted it, always felt dirty. I will not miss it and hope something interesting goes in.

  5. @joeat – Burger Island sounds REAL interesting – especially since there is no place to eat a hamburger on Lemmon Ave.

  6. @Old Man, good point, may be the last thing we need. How many burger joints can we support on one street. There are also 5 Mexican places in a 2 block stretch.

  7. “Anywhoo, none of the people I contacted could speak enough English to understand what I asking them.” First of all, racist. But that’s D Mag for ya.

    Second, uh, McDonalds? Zeus Comics? If you can’t get off yer food reporting ass and drive over there, work harder at finding out the complete info.